About Us

Hello, and welcome I guess.

My online name is Yabaibunni and I’m 104 years old. I currently living in a retirement facility in Alaska, and I translate.

People could consider me a machine translator, but I do know Japanese characters myself as well as trying to learn more; so at this moment of time, I guess I’m a machine assisted translator.

As for my hobbies, I would say when I’m not translating I’m hanging around chatango/skype, playing video games, practicing/redrawing manga and hanging out with anime, manga and light novels. My favorite outside activity is swimming, because nothing can beat the sweet taste of my saliva after 5 continuous laps.

As for my personality, many say I’m messed up in the head. I don’t intend to hide that I adore ecchi, harems, or dark and tragedy type stories; so you could say I’m a very blunt person who has very little shame. Another thing people like to point out is that I’m someone who you can’t be taken very seriously, since I act sarcastic a lot of the time(Which doesn’t translate well on the internet, but it’s still a bad habit of mine.) Also, I don’t take crap from nobody. If you intend to insult me right to my face, I won’t hold back to defend myself.

Yo, I’m Qwaztop

I’m the editor that actually decided to make all the links work after Yabai got too lazy to add them to the Table of Contents. That’s also why we still have the April Fools theme up~ (tut tut Yabai)

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