Hi…(Updated 3/30)

I’m back. Nothing is really that bad. Just a combination of lack of energy, stress from school, and some personal stuff. I shall be finishing the next chapter hopefully before next week ends. It’ll be hard to get back into the flow, but i’m serious about at least finishing the Meat Toilet series.I’m interested in knowing what happens next too!


Next chapter will officially be posted on or maybe before 4/7. As one would imagine, 30 pages is no easy feat when just coming back alas.


Update Four | (IMPORTANT TO KNOW) I Tried to Contact Bishoujo’s Author

So, here is the update.

On Friday the twenty-second, I pretty much finished all my translation work for chapter twenty-seven. And by pretty much, I mean like some untranslated lines, a few unsure, a couple of ‘make sure you really review over’, etc. left. All translators have these at the end of the day. However, with the translations, 3 out of the 4 untranslated lines I had were illegible. For people who read Japanese and just come here for the ease of reading, I’ll offer these lines for a better understanding of what I mean; Continue reading “Update Four | (IMPORTANT TO KNOW) I Tried to Contact Bishoujo’s Author”