1.  Will you translate ______ series?

I believe I need to get this out right away; we don’t care if the series is popular or there are hundreds of people wanting and begging us to pick it up.  Remember, you are the leecher and we’re the providers.

2.  “When the next chapter coming out?”

First, I’ll try my best to keep a good schedule; Bishoujo(Wednesday) and Erogacha(Every two weeks for now), but sometimes those schedules will be broken. Secondly, this is something I want to address quickly. We both experienced the ‘pain’ of waiting for a new chapter like all of you have, so it isn’t like we don’t get where you’re coming from. However, there is a fact that any logical person should know, which is,“Complaining doesn’t make things go faster.” and ironically, it does the opposite.  You see, we don’t get motivated when we feel like slaves to you readers, so please be cautious and be patient.

3.  Can I pick up this project or do a chapter?

If we drop a series and you would like to carry off or redo from scratch, by all means go ahead, it isn’t like we own the series.

4.  Where can I donate?

We don’t translate a series to make money.

Shocking, huh? Well, I could be one of those greedy people and put my paypal all upon this website and say,”No money, no chapter!”; but since I hate those type of people I won’t.

5.  Do you read ahead?

We read ahead at least three chapters before choosing a new series to do, but that is all.  This way if we don’t know what will happen, our motivation won’t drop.

NOTE; For people who did read ahead, please don’t post spoilers within the comments. If you do, me or Scarlet won’t hesitate to delete them.

6.  I found an translation/editing error, where can I post it?

At the moment you can post it in the comments, but later on we’ll have a google doc where you can offer suggestions or fixes for the chapter.