Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou 


How to skilfully make a beautiful girl into a meat toilet.

The story of how I gradually and skillfully made a beautiful girl into a meat toilet.
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Ep-1, Ep-2, Ep-3, Ep-4, Ep-5, Ep-6, Ep-7, Ep-8, Ep-9, Ep-10

Ep-11, Ep-12, Ep-13, Ep-14, Ep-15, Ep-16, Ep-17, Ep-18, Ep-19, Ep-20,

Ep-21, Ep-22, Ep-23, Ep-24, Ep-25, Ep-26, Ep-27, Ep-28, Ep-29, Ep-30

Ep-31, Ep-32, Ep-33, Ep-34, Ep-35, Ep-36, Ep-37, Ep-38, Ep-39, Ep-40

Ep-41, Ep-42, Ep-43, Ep-44, Ep-45, Ep-46, Ep-47, Ep-48, Ep-49, Ep-50

Ep-51, Ep-52, Ep-53, Ep-54, Ep-55, Ep-56. Ep-57, Ep-58, Ep-59, Ep-60

Ep-61, Ep-62, Ep-63, Ep-64, Ep-65, Ep-66, Ep-67, Ep-68, Ep-69, Ep-70

Ep-71, Ep-72, Ep-73


54 thoughts on “Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

    1. I think NovelUpdates made a better description;

      “Our socially despondent protagonist decides to have some fun using risky blackmail to methodically transform an innocent daft classmate into his personal sex slave.”

      And yeah, this is a erotic RomCon~

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  1. Welp, since I can’t find the proper means to say this directly :V, I ask for permission to translate to Spanish (Español) this proyect. Since finals are still up on collegue, when I get excused of them I will start translating from chapter one.

    So if there are no problems, I hope that it works out :).
    PS: Keep up with your work, its great!

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    1. I get this too many times, that I am about ready to put it in the Q&A just to be done with it. No, I am pretty sure this won’t have netorate in any shape or form. However, due to the fact I am reading as I go along, I may very well be wrong. Although on the other hand, from the looks of where this story is going, it is like a 1% chance of that happening.


      1. Good work with translation! But… if i understood correctly, original looks abandoned from April 2015. I can guess that writer made some sort of contract with Seacoxx/Spermation, who released vn version… but still, i saw no news about second volume of vn adaptation.

        Am i right about original wn been abandoned?


  2. Hooooly crap…….
    There is actually a eroge of this novel……
    The game covers chapter 1-11 O_O
    Now… to research purpose….


  3. Hey, will there be vaginally penetration in the future?
    I’m not a fan of anal(don’t have anything against it, but I prefer the front.)
    The only reason it keeps me going is the story itself.
    But if there never will be frontal, then I’m thinking of stopping to read. A great story, but it lacks the icing on the cake.


  4. am I allowed to do a read aloud for the chapters(like an audiobook)? …and post it on youtube? I suddenly have a strong urge to do it. I think someone above is telling me I need to do it.


      1. hey, dude is noverber. At least change the 50% progress to 51% make the waiting bearable.
        ps sorry if you find any typo, inglés is not my first language.


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