Alright. Here is how it will go.


Chapter for sure gonna be out on either Thursday or Friday mates! Just finishing the last pages, then they gotta get edited.


EDIT 2 :p :

ALMOST! Sorry another delay ahhhh, but so many pages and I need my new editor to go over them…It was my fault since I struggled to finished the last few pages, but tomorrow  he should be able to get to do it and I can send it in the afternoon! Trust me, this will be worth it! The quality is much better than previous chapters (Worship this new editor for me guys, he is the best.)


First off, sorry. I know there are some that probably do not want to hear this or are disappointed in me, but still, sorry.

Secondly, I am not dead. I am still committed to this. Which is why I am bringing this to your attention:


Yup. I am going to do finals all throughout the first two weeks of December. Once that is done, I am prepared to translate once again. I will attempt to do a chapter every week like I did before, but it may start out slow. However, once school is back which February I believe, chapters will be bi weekly, or even tri-weekly. I hope it will be bi-weekly at the start, but towards mid terms and finals, it will almost 100% be tri-weekly.

Once again, sorry. This has been hard on me as it has been on you. I love the story of Meat Toilet, and due to now translating it I miss out on what is happening along with slowly forgetting the Japanese I worked hard to remember.

Also, to show proof of my progress and commitment, here is a sample of the first five pages unTLC and unedited. Read them if you wish, but note these are not the final versions.


If you wish to edit, know anyone who can edit, or can possibly spread this around: I would like a few editors who are as committed as me! i asked for some before, and got a few, but they all left after a chapter or even in minutes! Please only apply if you are decent in English and are willing to help throughout – or at least for a good portion of chapters.

I would also like TLCers, but I am looking more so for editors.


16 thoughts on “Alright. Here is how it will go.

  1. SIGNS OF LIFE!!!! YAY! Good luck on your tests! Can I make a suggestion? Next time RL grabs you by the throat and won’t let go… drop us bi-weekly or at least monthly IRL updates… Just so we know your still alive and in good health, and your sanity is still in tact (RL can suck the sanity right out of you, you know….) Some of us crazy people out here care about our TLers and worry when they vanish for months… Just a thought… lol


    1. Yeah…That was bad on me. I just got pulled away and the moment I got breaks I just wanted to play games. It is not a reasonable excuse for not giving updates, but I hope you understand where I am coming from. From now on I’ll do what you suggested!


  2. Well, I could edit some probably, have about 80 chapters edited behind me, but without proofers there might be a typo or two left since I’m bad with my final checks.


      1. Ehm… I’d honestly just prefer giving you a test edit.
        (The main novel I edit is more of an innocent one, and I’d rather avoid any people there finding out I might consider working on something A-rated.)


  3. Man thanks for updating us, I usually check your site like once a month and I was beginning to think you were going to drop it without telling anything. Good Luck.


    1. Finished with all my stuff. School starts in two days, but it’s only one class for a whole month. Plenty room to translate! Chapter should be up in a week or perhaps less~


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