Episode One | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou


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In the middle of the night  I face my PC without sparing any time for sleep.

Right now my consciousness seems to be drifting off due to lack of sleep. However just a little bit more, a few more.

“I was able to complete it.”

Many indecent images are reflected on the screen of my PC

A school girl in a uniform and a male student who wears a similar uniform of my high school; the image displays an abnormal act that made me want to turn my eyes away from it. I created all these virtual images.

“Kuku, excellent workmanship if I do say so myself.”

Looking at the picture which is printed out on gloss paper, I thought it has come out rather well.

During this week I have reduced my sleeping hours just to immerse myself in my work.

Although, if someone reasonably knowledgeable saw these photoshopped images, it will just be seen through as a mere composite photograph; but I see no problem, I have confirmed that the person they’re for has no such knowledge.

“Well then, will I fall to ruin, or will I gain the best of playthings. Whichever way it goes, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

The things I’m going to do might kill me socially with one wrong step, and the unethical acts might shun me from humanity. But that’s fine.

My life had already ended the moment I was born, leading it to ruin isn’t something I’m bothered by at this point. So if a supreme playtoy is available at the expense of the danger, I won’t hesitate to step forth.

No, rather than that, I may actually desire for such ruin.


In the morning, I arrive at the entrance of the high school quite earlier than usual; I put a letter in Ogasawara Makoto’s shoe box.

(1) Ogasawara Makoto. A beautiful girl with long raven black hair, pale skin and big, sparkling black eyes that make any man stare. Moreover she has big breasts.

(2) With a shy personality and her awkwardness to go in front of people, she still managed to gain the love of the students that were behind her.

There is also a childhood friend of Ogasawara Makoto who’s described as a bishounen. The person himself seems to insist that they’re ordinary childhood friends with each other, but the fact that their Good Relationship exceeds that of friendship is plain to see; everyone seems to recognize them as the best couple making the rumor plausible. (This line; そんな小笠原真琴には幼馴染がいて、これまた絵に描いたような美形だ had both me and Scarlet confused. The line describes a beautiful woman like in a painting, but since the childhood friend is a male, it didn’t make sense. So, we decided to put bishounen instead.)

As for male students who confess to Ogasawara Makoto, they’re small in number.

Tatsuya Sasaki, whose Ogasawara Makoto’s childhood friend, is an honor student that is handsome, earnest, and serious. According to the information I gathered,  both of them live in two houses within the same neighborhood and went to the same kindergarten. Supposedly with that Sasaki Tatsuya’s feelings feelings towards Ogasawara Makoto grew.

And thus Tatsuya Sasaki seems to approach Ogasawara while hiding his feelings all the time.

Tatsuya Sasaki seems unable to take the step forward in fear that their current relationship as childhood friends will be broken.

Intolerable, enjoying bittersweet youth. There is a great difference between him and my twisted crooked self. Therefore, if only just slightly, I’ll have you share that youth with me.


After school ends, I arrive at the predetermined spot in the warehouse at the back of the school building.

It’s the old warehouse that’s surrounded by trees in a from all directions, it is the outdoor storehouse which isn’t presently being used.

When I entered high school one year ago, I came up with my current plan and obtained this warehouse.

To make a half assed club all the necessities need to be self brought, those were the requirements for it to successfully assembling this warehouse into the club’s meeting room.

I took a key out of my pocket, inserted it in the doorknob and turned it.

When I open the door and enter inside, darkness spreads.

(3) Entering into this warehouse is only possible from the door I just opened.  Furthermore, this door is made of steel, it can’t be broken easily.  It’s also windowless and the soundproofing effect is high. It’s indeed an excellent property which supports my ideals.

I close the door and turn on the lights inside.  It took a long time arranging and remodeling this warehouse which had become a junk depot.

A TV, computer, refrigerator, washing machine and a bed. In addition, I carry in living essentials. This divine area is a lot more comfortable than the apartment where I live in. But it does smell of mold.

I head towards the refrigerator and opened the door, taking out a plastic bottle and quickly drank the cold soda water.

I cannot help feeling thirsty from yesterday, I think I’m nervous.

I threw the now empty plastic bottle into the trash can, and then went to the sofa while drinking another carbonated drink that I freshly took out.

I sat on the sofa which I installed in the area’s center,  chugging the carbonated drink and immediately putting the plastic bottle onto the table.

30 more minutes until the appointed time. I’m anxiously waiting, but i’m also afraid.

She’s bashful and weak, and on top of that she never bothers others with her problems. Ogasawara is really the ideal prey. She is like a parasite, always anxious if she isn’t with someone.

The reason Sasaki is afraid of taking the first step is that Ogasawara Makoto’s friends might get shunned from her group of friends.(佐々木が一歩踏み出せない要因の一つに、小笠原真琴が女子のグループから疎外される事を極端に恐れている事があるように思える)

Truly a extremely troublesome situation, for this reason I’m taking advantage of what overflows.


Five minutes before the appointed time, the door knob clicks.

Subsequently the door opens and Ogasawara Makoto’s face peeps out.

“Uh……I knocked, but there wasn’t an answer.”

Ogasawara Makoto declared timidly as she carefully closed the door.  But she remains on her guard, standing near the doorway and doesn’t go in any further.

Apart from that, I didn’t realize that she knocked. I forgot that this warehouse has a superior soundproofing effect.

“U-uh, what’s the talk about Tatsuya-Sasaki?”

Ogasawara Makoto asks in a low voice as she stacks both hands upon her chest.
This was simple, it seems like Ogasawara Makoto likes him as well so all I had to do was make Sasaki the bait.

(4) Excellent. The beautiful girl who is sweet and pure. I want to see that state fall into the bottom of despair in front of my naked eyes.

“Is that the attitude you use when asking a person something? For me, I’m not concerned what happens to Sasaki. But I called you just in case because I thought it was something Ogasawara wants to hear. But please leave if you continue with that mannerism.”

I suppress my impatience desperately and ask her in a light tone. Then Ogasawara Makoto showed a bewildered expression as she steps forward while her eyes swam.

(5) I was able to catch it. It’s the memorable first step. Welcome to hell.


“T-that’s a lie. That sort of…..”

Ogasawara Makoto, who is sitting right next to me, has wide eyes while staring over the table.

Photographs were scattered on the table.

The composted photographs which I made. Sasaki is connected to a schoolgirl sexually whose breast is exposed. But all that is just a bluff.

Baibu, denma, kanchou, sakkusu, anarufakku, fellatio, irrumatio, paizuri, fisutofakku, rinkan, exposure et cetera et cetera. The diversity of the photographs makes anyone want to turn their eyes away.  (TLN: If you’re new to hentai, these are what the words mean in order; Buttplug, vibrator, butt poking, sexual intercourse, Anal sex, blowjob, deepthroat, titty fuck, fisting, and fat man or jerking off for the last one.)

There is a reason to have them scattered, the photos I put in effort to synthesize are only 3 in number. So I put those three in a visible position, the rest were under a underneath.

Besides the photos I put effort into, the rest would be found out if one was to look carefully at them. So it won’t be seen through I had the 3 photos clearly show Sasaki’s face.   And I darkened the indoor fluorescent light  in order for the other photographs to be hidden. Combine that with Ogasawara Makoto’s confusion and it becomes difficult for her to see the truth.

“Whether this is possibly a lie or the truth doesn’t matter right now. The only visible person I see in the photo is Sasaki. If that’s the truth, this is a serious problem.  Therefore, in order to verify if this is true or false, I think I’ll submit this picture to the school’s administration board.“

I pick up one scattered photograph and show it off to her. 「I’ll submit this picture to the school」Her face instantly warped at my words.

“But, at school?”

The eyes shake, the lip quivers, for now everything is going smoothly, but the climax starts from here on out.

“Ah yes, submit to the school.”

“W-why though?”

“Huh? Why you ask? It’s obviously because I can’t stand Sasaki?””

(7) After hearing my words she opened her eyes widely and soon glared at me as if she was looking at trash.

Good, keep at it with that splendid reaction. But do you really understand the reality that your beloved person conducted such depraved actions with another woman?

“Why is Ogasawara-san getting angry? Is it because Sasaki is enjoying having sexual intercourse with another woman except you? It isn’t only sex. Look here, someone thrust an arm into a pussy―”

“Please stop it!”

Ogasawara Makoto, who raised her voice and interrupted my sentence, closed her eyes and covered her ears with both hands, all while facing down and shaking.

“I have already decided that I am going to hand this into the school, I have no intention of changing my mind about this. But, if certain circumstances arise it might just naturally disappear. For you that would be the best answer, that’s why I told you”

As she trembled and had closed both ears, I spoke to her gently while she looked down.

“That’s all for this talk. Now all that’s left is for Sasaki to directly confirm in person. You should keep your distance from him, but do whatever you like.”

I said as I sat on the sofa again, leaning back my way and close my eyes.

Now, how will you act? Will you lose your affection towards the man who betrayed you, or…..

Ogasawara Makoto didn’t stand up, the silence lapsed for a while until a voice sobbed faintly.

“S-surely, surely there are some circumstances. I’m sure there are, otherwise there’s no way that Tatsuya would do something like…..”

A low voice murmured to my ears. Are you saying that to me or are you trying to convince yourself?

“Perhaps there is some sort of circumstance, but such a thing is unrelated to me. Whenever there is a circumstance or not, the action can’t be justified with just that.  But then again, there is no reason to do such an action with good intentions. But then… It’s merely just that I can’t stand Sasaki. Simply put, I guess it’s because we’re birds of the same feather.”

As I leaned on the back of the chair I closed my eyes and muttered to nobody in particular.

“In addition, wouldn’t it be fine for you to separate? Sasaki didn’t choose you. No, since you have no intention to confirm it, then do as you like.”

I mutter as I lean back on the chair with my eyes closed.

I completely used Sasaki as bait, because of that I need to finish this.  The game is at the ending point.  Rather, if she confirms the the truth from Sasaki, I wouldn’t be able to avoid getting expelled from school. It can possibly develop into a police case if I do this poorly.

I thought the probability of failure was rather high before she came here.  But after seeing her reaction after a few words, I feel confident.

Ogasawara Makoto saw the pictures and now believes that Sasaki is spending all his time in deviant acts. (8)On top of believing it, Makoto thinks that there is a legitimate explanation.

And instead of going to confirm it, she stays in this place and cries.

She’s afraid of knowing the truth, but knows Sasaki’s behavior and still believes in him.

“This…… as long as this won’t be submitted!”

With a creaking sound, she moved. As soon as I heard the sound she began collecting the pictures from the top of the table, undoubtedly intending to get rid of the evidence.

“You say that, but the photographs are already downloaded and scanned on my PC. The backup is perfect too. I can make hundreds of photographs if need be.”

Actually, I didn’t take the pictures, I drew them up with my personal computer and then printed it out.

The pictures I emphasized on purpose were worked the images on the PC with a purpose in mind. I photoshopped them to look like it was taken with a camera, so it would be convincing.

“U, uu……If this is submitted to the school, what will happen to Tatsuya?”

A feeble voice echoes with the sound of sobbing. The thoughts of Ogasawara Makoto are already in a state of confusion.

“I don’t know, it isn’t for me to decide. Perhaps the teachers will remove the problem?”

I shouldn’t lie here, if negotiations break down it might become troublesome later. That’s why I left it vague, I’ll leave the rest to Ogasawara Makoto’s imagination to make it worse.

“Remove the problem…..But won’t, Tatsuya, be removed from school?”

“I said I don’t know, I’m just handing over the photos and then I’ll calmly watch the situation and enjoy it.”

I rudely replied to her when she asked me.

“Then, then, how can I get you to keep these photos a secret?”

It came, it came, it came, it came! I reached the conclusion especially fast. But not yet, I still need to dig my claws in deeper.

If you want to keep it a secret, then obey my order. If such a thing is said, perhaps her frail mind might crash. Therefore, I’ll change direction here. First, lets take the important escape route.

“It’s a secret, but do you want to know of better means to cover up this dark truth forever?”

I opened my eyes and up slowly to look at her.  She looks at me with a pale expression while covering the photo on the table with her knees on the ground.

“I want to h-hear it…..”

A trembling whisper echoes and in my heart I burst in laughter. To be able to catch her so easily, I’m beginning to suspect whether this woman’s head is empty.

Oh, the expectation for this game is better than I hoped for.

“Killing me. If you do so the secret will be safe, but you can’t do it right? If my corpse is found the cops will definitely investigate, and then they’ll find the photo and sasaki will be finished, then they’ll pinpoint you as the perpetrator and your life will be over too.”

When I spoke in an indifferent tone, Ogasawara’s complexion became even more pale.

(9)“K-kil……I could never do something like that.”

I desperately held back my laughter from that unexpected reaction.

“If you hate killing, then how about confinement? I’m abandoned by my parents, so not attending school for several days isn’t a problem and besides living alone is a comfortable retirement. But if that lasts for too long it will be suspected, and our parents that care for the eyes of society will file a missing person report. The police will rigorously search my room, and after that. I don’t need to tell you right?

Gradually as I was talking, I shut down her routes of escape one by one so as she would think that there is no way to stop me.

“Isn’t that fine? You’re an eyesore, so won’t you just disappear? If you calm down and think about it you would realize Sasaki betrayed you. The guy abandoned you and searched for a new love. You do know you’re able to select from any man you want, right?”

And now, I need to make her think I’m not interested in her to the end. When negotiating, I need to make her think she is nothing of value.

“I, if I can do―”

“No no, there is nothing.  I gave you information I don’t essentially have any obligation to share with you, won’t you be satisfied with that?  Besides, I also don’t have any spare time, I need to organize the pictures that I’m going to deliver.”

I interrupted her offer and lazily waved my hand.

“Oh, yes, that reminds me, there is another means to keep a secert.”

As I said that I softened my expression and looked at her.

“Why don’t you consult with Sasaki, after that you can tell him to kill me. In that case your hands will be clean of blood, even if Sasaki gets caught, as long as he doesn’t talk no harm will come your way. There, isn’t that just perfect?”

I opened my arms wide to exaggerate my words.

Consulting Sasaki = Sasaki killing me, is what I’m ingrain to her.

If I can successfully ingrain this into her until she won’t only hesitate to question Sasaki normally, but she’ll hopefully never consult him.

Oh, Ogasawara Makoto is single minded when it comes to this. I don’t know what happened, but it will become my advantage

“Tatsuya becoming a murderer….? Because of me?”

With a face so pale she looks like she’s about to faint, her trembling eyes begin trembling even more, she drops to her backside with a flop and stares into space in a daze.

What’s this? I didn’t expect such an unusual development in the progress and for some reason she’s blaming herself. Despite her confused state, is this person’s brain made out of mold or does she have a masochistic habit?

Oh well, the first stage ends with this. I won’t corner her anymore, Or rather, she cornered herself more than planned.

Although I already wen“Tatsuya becoming a murderer….? Because of me?”t through so much effort, she is now in a confused and desperate state, but all could end for naught due to an unpredictable action.

“Haa, if Ogasawara won’t leave, I will. I wanted to lock the warehouse, but there is no helping it. You can sit there forever if you want, later.

I declared with a heavy sigh, then stood up from the sofa.

“Ah, please wait a moment!”

As I moved to leave, she tried to stand up in a rush. But as she was trying to stand up she couldn’t put strength into her knees and fell on her hands.

Inside the revealed skirt was white underwear which was appropriate to show off modest Ogasawara Makoto.

Usually she would instantly try to hide her underwear, but because of lack of composure she just tried to get up with her panties showing.

“Okay?  Then I’ll be returning, because the photograph is intended to be submitted tomorrow, so I have no more spare time.

I want to look a little more, but it mustn’t be realized that I’m interested in her. So I then began to walk toward the door as I throw a blunt glance.

Truly splendid. The appearance is neat and sweet, I lose strength because the underwear is so flashy. As I thought, Ogasawara Makoto is the best prey due to both her appearance and her personality.

“W-wait! Please wait! Please! Listen to me!

A sorrowful cry was heard from behind. I ignored it and made my defiance.

Well, I gave her the information that I’d hand over the photos tomorrow, because of that my time for negotiation with her is not long.

「There won’t be any room to persuade me again tomorrow」, is what it’s like.

“Wait! I’m begging! Please wait!”

You have no choice but to run after me, truly favorable.


I arrive at the apartment and go to the upper floor with the elevator.

Ogasawara Makoto eventually came to the front of my apartment and was about to enter the apartment to follow me, but seem to give up entering by me saying I’ll report to the place if she follows further.

This gamble has too many elements to play, So if it fails I’ll be done for.  But if it goes well, she will gradually fall into hell like a butterfly seized within a cobweb.

A chill runs up my back with just the thought. It’s truly pleasant.

The elevator arrives at the seventh floor where my room is. I go towards my door and unlock it with my keycard.

Despite it being a leased apartment, the room isn’t too large.  It only has a kitchen, restroom, bathtub and a balcony.

I always have high grades, but that’s only possible in my current high-school, in the high-school my brother went to it would be impossible.

My parents that mind the eyes of the public, decided that my results in the high-school that my brother went to would be insufficient, so they abandoned me.

Saying that I got into a higher ranking high-school outside of the prefecture, I was forcefully taken to an entrance test of a high-school far away from home and was given this apartment.

I’ll give as much money as you desire, so never cross the threshold of my home.

When I left the house, that’s what my father said to me. My mother and elder brother were kind to me, but when my father abandoned me no one helped me.

It’s fine, for everything was my own failure. And blaming my mother and big brother would be to barking up the wrong tree.  And because I get to live a life of no needs(10), I should be thanking them rather than blaming.

That’s right, I am thanking them.

“If Ogasawara Makoto doesn’t take part in my scheme, if everything is revealed.. kuku, what kind of face will my father make?(11)

I may perish, but If I do, I might as well drag everything to die together with me..

Dropping Ogasawara Makoto into hell, getting myself destroyed, at the end of either line I will be laughing.


I take a bath and heat up the boxed lunch i bought at a convenience store in the microwave then and pour into my stomach.

The interior of the room is completely silent, the only sound that can be heard is cloth being rubbing together, and since it’s the only sound in the room it feels extremely loud.

I hate annoying noises, so I don’t watch TV and I don’t use my PC unless I need to.

It’s an empty room with only minimum essential, there is no feeling of life at all.

It doesn’t need a bed, it will be fine if there is a cloth.

I don’t need a sofa, it will only just become a hindrance.

The only thing necessary is one bookshelf and a desk. In my bookshelf, reference books are crammed while my used notebooks are up on my desks in a huge pile.

I wanted to be praised by my parents like my older brother, so I spent all my time studying since childhood. However, such a day didn’t come after all.

Why is it that I bought and installed something unnecessary for my living room. It originally should be the place I hate, but it’s the place that calms me.

I wonder if it’s because when I’m over there I can feel the indulgence of being king.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t given it from my parents, but obtained it myself, don’t you think?

I finish my meal and headed to the porch.

I arrived at the porch and open the curtain, looking down at the lower floor.

The time is past six o’clock, soon it will be sunset.

In the intense crimson dyes into the dusk world, I find one high school girl.

Well I can’t see well in the dusk, but it’s certainly Ogasawara Makoto. She’s waiting at the entrance of my apartment, probably expecting me to leave my room.

「Tomorrow morning I won’t have any time to persuade me」, I am certain that that’s what she thought.

Everything is going smoothly. No, I’m afraid that everything is going as expected.

I forced nothing on her, she decided and acted on everything by herself.

The time is 11:00 p.m., I’ll be leaving soon.

When I changed into plain clothes and left the room, I got onto the elevator and went to the lower floor.

By the way, is she still there? A high school girl in front of an apartment all this time, it would be grave in many ways. She might have a curfew, if she’s not careful a patrolling police officer might take her away.

The probability isn’t that high, but even so I don’t particularly mind. But if she’s here, then I’ll enter phase 3.

The elevator arrives at the first floor and the door opens.

When I pass through the hall and go outside, the chilly night air stroke my cheeks.

“E-excuse me….”

I turn around towards the voice and see a girl appeared from the shadows between the apartment’s front door and the shrubbery at the front. (12)

Did you hide so you couldn’t be discovered?  That’s an unexpected calm decision, but it’s also convenient. If she calmed down and waited here means that she isn’t going to back down, and is going to try and persuade me with all that she can。

“You’re persistent. To be at such a place at such a time, whatever happens to you doesn’t concern me.”

I say to her coldly and then walk away from her sight.

I went out because I had something to do, definitely not because I was going to talk to her. I must make her think that.

“W-where are you going?”

From behind I heard a voice call out to me and footsteps that quicken their pace. I’m uninterested in matching her pace, so she naturally had to quicken her pace to a speed walk to catch up to me.

While slowly walking I have a chance in changing her way of thought

“Wherever I go, it has no relation with you.”

I answered while quickening my pace without looking behind. The sound of footsteps from behind me can be heard hastening together with me.

I arrive and enter at the convenience store, buying two cans of juice. Meanwhile, Ogasawara Makoto runs after me at a distance.

I looked back and headed out of the convenience store, throwing a can of juice.

In a surprised state, she flustered to catch the canned juice.  But with her poor movements she misses and it hits her voluptuous chest, holding and stopping it in place.

Her childlike face and indecent breasts, furthermore the way her enchanting long raven black hair flows. She’s indeed the ideal female to stir up animal passion. (13)

“I’ll walk you home.”

I throw a heavy sigh and mutter so.


Ogasawara Makoto, who looks puzzled, must’ve not understood what I suddenly said.

“I’m going to school. Wasn’t it because of you I didn’t lock to warehouse? As I thought I’m worried, I’ll walk you home on the way.”

Ogasawara Makoto who heard what I said with a dumbfounded appearance gradually became a smile.

“Th-then,  can you stop the submission of the photo? I would be thankful ver―”

“This and that are a different story, I’ll be submitting the photographs.”

By my words, the smile then began to dissipate instantly.

“That would be a problem if something were to happen to you, Even though it isn’t my fault, I won’t sleep easy you know?  That’s why I said I’ll walk you home.”

She scratched her head as she was releasing a sigh, and shook her head. She definitely suspects me now.

“You don’t need to worry, because I told a person at my home that I’m staying a friend’s house today. I won’t give up until you give up submitting the picture.”

As if she was a totally finished person, she didn’t hesitate to declare so, with her will power in her eyes I don’t think she’ll be leaving anytime soon.

This gave me a good feeling. Surely Sasaki won’t consider on that fact that I’m bending her at will.

If you turn your back on a sand castle, the wind will blow causing it to easily crumble.

“Suit yourself.”

While chuckling in my mind, I walk out coldly.

“I don’t need your permission!”

I heard a voice and the sound of double quick footsteps. It seems like she jumped into my spiderweb by herself.


I arrive at the high school and go around the back. The front gate has a iron fence, so you can’t enter in the front.

In the back there is a woods, which the forest work as an obstruction to outside trespassers.

Although it seems like there is a path there really isn’t, but because this forest is used as a shortcut for students, there is a sort of animal trail, however it’s very difficult to find in the dark.

Unlike me who walked so many times within the jungles darkness, it isn’t similar to Ogasawara Makoto.


Sure enough, she trips on the tree root and falls down. Ignoring that, I continued to advance ahead.

If she gets lost, the surrounding forest is a housing area, there isn’t any a waiting danger. If she keeps walking, she’ll be able to quickly find the schoolhouse.

Even if she keeps wandering in the woods and later gives up chasing after me, because there is no danger there is no problem.

I get through the forest and arrive at the warehouse, I opened the door and enter inside. I wait for Ogasawara to arrive afterwards. If she doesn’t come I can just spend the night here.  Anyhow, because this room is better than my apartment in every aspect, I can live in it just as.

I did so for approximately 20 minutes, then the door opened. This is indeed a surprise, I unintentionally looked at the door twice.

When 15 minutes passed, I thought she gave up and returned, but she she wander this far in the forest?”

Her miserably figure entered the warehouse.

Dead twigs and dead leafs entwined in her raven black hair along with her soiled dirt face. Her uniform was similar, the black blouse and shirt was stained with dirt and other earthlike colors everywhere.

And her palms and knees were scraped and red from when she fell down, however there doesn’t seem to be any flow of blood.

But, no matter how you look at it she took too much time. Is Ogasawara Makoto a person with absolute no sense of direction?

“Haaa,  weren’t you going to lock up?”

She seems quite exhausted with her heavy pathing.

“B-by any chance you waited until I came?”

And she seems to selfishly interoperate something for her own convenience, however it’s true that I was waiting for her to come.

“There’s no way I did that, this is only my space that I spent time completing. This place, it calms me down. So when I came here, I took a break.” (14)

With an expression of 「I gave up on you」 towards her, I started to explain.

“Let’s leave it at that.”

She is under the impression that I waited for her, as she apathetically walks to the sofa that I was on and without asking for permission sat down next to me.

The distance is strangely close, it seems like I need to be cautious. Anyways, I need to make sure not to see Ogasawara Makoto as a woman, I also have to avoid wanting to embrace her.

Her on the other hand, the present abnormal situation and circumstance, and with her chasing after me, it may be that sort of feeling of intimacy.

The can juice which I gave her at the convenience store, the remark I said for her to go home, and waiting till she arrive.

It’s indeed not that of an impressive act of kindness. When I think about it it’s a cold hearted act, leaving her in the dark forest.

The phenomenon where the other party’s feelings for the kidnapper becomes affectionate. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it Stockholm syndrome? Perhaps it’s a state to similar to that.

“Will you listen to my opinion?”

As she began to question, she sits next to me as she snuggles into my body, looking at my face as I stared back at her.

I gave a heavy sigh as I stared lazily back at her

“I don’t mind hearing your opinion, but you need to answer my question.”

Her eyes brightened, her posture that was bent forward straightened proudly by my words.  She greatly nodded.

“Please ask me anything!”

Although I didn’t need to hear her input, she looks awfully glad.

As Ogasawara Makoto, it’s a problem for her since it has nothing to do with me. Therefore assuming that I do listen to your story, only talking about won’t possibly settle this.

And if things do go well, I’ll be able to get on good terms with and make her feelings grow for me, so there won’t seem like I have a hidden reason to prevent my actions.

On the other hand it isn’t bad, I would surely be able to scheme various plans while she waits outside the apartment.

When she has one time sex with men partners, the situation is already in a checkmate. If it goes to that extent then, I”ll take advantage of that and threaten them with rape, it’s possible to threaten cooperation.

As far as I can see it hasn’t come to that, she might still be surprisingly confused, or otherwise airhead

Either way, I don’t intend to have her be raped, it would worry me endlessly.

Having her raped would be meaningless, she probably won’t fall into hell that way. On the contrary, she might just break.

What I want to see isn’t something cheap like that. The state of slowly and gradually falling to hell, to fully discard her human dignity, and just become a meat toilet. (13)

“The question is a simple one, you may also ask a question.  Ogasawara, why do you protect Sasaki? Isn’t Sasaki enjoying himself with another woman besides you? I can’t understand why you protect him.”

Ogasawara Makoto’s expression high spirits became clouded instantly when she heard my question. She dropped her shoulders and looked down.


Her low voice trembles as she mumbles.

“I…I,  because I’m not Tatsuya’s girlfriend. Because I associate with him doesn’t mean we’re dating. Therefore, whoever Tatsuya hangs out with, I have no right to object…….”

The words she spun in order to convince herself, such a pitiful sound is truly is pleasant.


She looked up suddenly and changed from being in a depressing state to having a strong look in her eyes while staring into my eyes.

“E-Even in my own group of friends there’s a girl that does it. The photos, um, may not be so wonderful, but, as man, I think he should have a degree of experience.

So, having experience, that is, with sex. I think I would need to agree on that.

“T-therefore, I think it’s strange to blame only Tatsuya. In addition, well, if the person’s partner approves of it, then isn’t there no problem?”

As she says painfully, a frown appears on her face and her gaze bends.

When the partner approves you insert it, but such a trap won’t work on me.

“If you believe there is no problem then isn’t this fine? Even if I submit this photograph, you can stick out your chest and have no trouble.”

After my retort, she was looking down for a while, she raises a dazed groan as she looks at me.

“Tatsuya is my childhood friend and a really gentle person. This is a request, please don’t submit the pictures.”

She bows her head deeply.

Admirable, even if he can’t become hers , she’s happy with just watching from afar? She’s like a protagonist from a shoujo manga.

“Rejected. Even if I heard what you had to say, nothing has merit to me. Question ended. This time I tightly locked, so quickly leave.”

I stand up and which Ogasawara Makoto stood up also when she heard me. And with her large black eyes imbued with a strong will she conveyed without words that she will not back down.

“I’ll do anything, if it’s within my power I’ll do anything.  Won’t that be your merit?”

I’ll do anything. Those words have a different meaning than the dialect you would use after school. Even she isn’t a primary school kid. Naturally it would be taken I would do anything for mans needs, which includes sexualy act.

But comprehending the matter and reality are different. I already prepared a plan for this, now is the time to waver her heart. (だが理解する事と現実は違う。覚悟を決めたつもりでも、いざ行為に及べばその意思も揺らぎかねない。)

Then, I’ll make you an escape route. The escape where hell awaits for you at the end.

“You’ll do anything, huh.  If that’s so, will you even become a meat toilet? Yes, do you know what a meat toilet is? Briefly speaking, it’s bathroom made out of meat, an existence to spit out a man’s lust. In other words, it’s a thing that becomes a disposal sex tool.”

Her eyebrow twitch but still stared direct at me, without bending her eyes. She doesn’t seem like her will will bend.

“I understand.”

She answered in a tune lower than usual.

If anything her resolution is first rate, she probably can’t even imagine what it means to be sexually assaulted by a man. At any rate she was always protected by her gentle childhood friend.

“It’s a joke, I just wanted to confirm your resolution.”

I shrugged my shoulders while throwing out a sigh, Ogasawara Makoto then opened her eyes wide and dropped her shoulders as if she was relieved.

“What if I say that instead of that, I am interested in massaging you.”

To my words, she once again had her eye brow tense up.

“I swear I won’t touch you erotically. That is, if I wanted to touch you erotically I’d make you swear to being my meat toilet you know?  Will the contract be established with this?

She silently listened to my words and slightly nodded while looking puzzled.

“I want to become a masseur in the future. My dead uncle was a masseur, so I respect it.”

Of course my uncle isn’t dead yet or respected. After all, my uncle isn’t even a masseur.

“Isn’t part-time jobs prohibited in our high school? I intend to go to a specially school when I graduate, but I wish to get practice before i go.  How’s that? I don’t think that’s a bad condition.”

Today must be her first time exchanging a conversation about a man giving her a massage. She would normally decile and be wary.

But after being cornered many times and even told to become a meat toilet, this offer is a very small hurdle don’t you agree?

“I-if you’re satisfied with such a thing, then I’ll be glad to……”

On the contrary, because the hurdle I set was so low she couldn’t understand how to react, she only needs to agree on this situation, so she nodded in approval.

Let me see, concerning her falls into the abyss of despair, or….

Either way, it seems like I will enjoy it.

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(1)(TLN: Big breasts are everything for a woman’s looks.) (ED: I only care for a pretty face, but more importantly good personality) (TLN: No no, this guy is an expert, read the title! He knows what his after!) (ED: I can hear you giggling all the way here) (TLN: Whoops.)
(2)(ED/TLN: Dat ass, takes 30 minutes to translate/find out the meaning in a R-18 WebNovel…..)
(3)(TLN: I can already see where this is going.)
(4)(TLN: Very poetic.)
(5)(ED: Even more poetic)
(6)(ED: At least it wasn’t Witch\Bitch\ultra goddess bitch)
(7)(TLN: What his saying here is that he doesn’t stay or in the same entrance, which is applied sexually.)
(8)(ED: The line is talking about the pictures)
(9) (TLN: Sadly, the one you’re facing right now could.)
(10)(ED: He means that he basically has unlimited funds to do whatever he wants)
(11)(TLN: So he doesn’t care if he wins or loses…)
(13)(TLN/ED blooper: Yabai:She’s indeed the ideal flammable lust female. LOL WHAT DID I TRANSLATE? Scarlet: flammable lust. damn.  Yabai: I’M SHOAKING Scarlet:http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fma/images/0/03/Royxlust.png/revision/latest?cb=20130426212432 I am the best Yabai: YES OMH)
(14)(ED: *TSUNTSUN* It’s not like I waited for you, b-baka!)


24 thoughts on “Episode One | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

  1. Supposedly with that Sasaki Tatsuya’s feelings feelings towards Ogasawara Makoto grew.
    Supposedly with that Sasaki Tatsuya’s feelings towards Ogasawara Makoto grew.

    Not Bad Though


  2. My two cents:

    Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Niku Suru Houhou

    It’s ‘… Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou’, you forgot the ‘toilet’ of ‘meat toilet’ 🙂


    “Well then, will I fall to ruin, or will I gain the best of playthings. Whichever way it goes, I’ll be looking forward to it.”
    ‘Te ni ireru’ means ‘to gain’, literally ‘having something in my hand’, you seem to have interpreted it as ‘getting my hand in something’ -> ‘fisting’.


    This is referring to the childhood friend relationship between Ogasawara and Sasaki “itself being the very image of beauty”.

    “U-uh, what’s is the story about Tatsuya―Sasaki?”

    話 doesn’t always mean ‘story’, it can be just ‘talk’, or even omitted altogether, in this case, I think it’s better translated like: “U-uh, what’s this (talk) about Tatsu—Sasaki?”


    You could’ve put this on the TL itself instead of making it a footnote.

    “Huh? Why you ask? It’s obviously because Sasaki doesn’t like you”

    “It’s obviously because I can’t stand Sasaki?”

    “… But then, Sasaki is unable to stomach you. (9)So in brief, is a badger spotted in the same hole?”

    “… It’s merely just that I can’t stand Sasaki. Simply put, I guess it’s because we’re birds of the same feather.” (literally: badgers of the same hole)
    No sexual meaning here, he’s just saying he doesn’t like Sasaki because he’s just like himself.

    “Is Tatsuya a…..murderer? Because of me?”

    “Tatsuya becoming a murderer….? Because of me?”

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  3. Hi just found this novel as Haikai told me about it and I love it.

    Regarding the line そんな小笠原真琴には幼馴染がいて、これまた絵に描いたような美形だ. It doesn’t necessarily imply that the childhood friend was a girl just because the author used the word 美形. Beauty can be used to a man too so it make sense to me if you applied the previous context, actually if you google image 美形 it will also show bishounens

    If I were to transliterate that line. That would be “Makoto Ogasawara has a childhood friend which is the very picture of beauty itself”

    anyway keep up the good work

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  4. I have to ask this before i continue reading, since the title is ‘How to skilfully make a beautiful girl into a meat toilet’ is this ntr considered hardcore(or you feel the pain of the boy being ntr`d) cause i can only handle normal ntr. When i say normal i mean the boy being ntr only finds out when the hentai is finish and just accepts it(and you dont feel sorry for him). For example any hentai written by Hana Hook I would avoid. would this fall under normal or hardcore


    1. Non of the above. I’m tired of seeing this, so I’ll just address it full out—please excuse my semi-rant.

      I don’t get why anyone would consider this NTR. Everyone uses NTR lightly, such as; Boy A likes Girl A , but Boy A is too scared to confess to Girl A. Before Boy A knows it, Boy B confesses to Girl A and she accepts. Boy A is left out and grieving, because he didn’t confess before Boy B did, hence loosing her.

      What I gave above ain’t NTR, it’s just stealing a girl that the guy didn’t have a relationship with. She was free game, he just was last place while the other guy was first.

      I’ve read hentai and I know what NTR is. NTR isn’t cheating or claiming before the other person does, it’s stealing a girl from a guy who was already in a relationship via sex. Example: Boy A is married to Girl A, but then Boy B seduces her and breaks her mind with his cock, making Girl A addicted to it. Then Girl A soon leaves Boy A for Boy B, making Boy A depressed because his wife left him and is now a mindless slut for Boy B.

      Sasaki never was in a true relationship with Makoto, it was only rumored by the school. Sasaki may have feelings for Makoto, but like the main character said, his too scared to confess. Makoto has also applied to have some feelings for Sasaki, but she wasn’t going to confess either and when she saw the fake pictures, she felt it wasn’t her business anyways.

      This isn’t NTR, this is about a guy using tricks to make a girl let him do dirty stuff to her before the guy even had a chance to confess. It isn’t NTR, cheating, or any bullshit mind break, it’s just being ahead of the ball game.

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  5. I can tell from the title that the girl be be gangbanged. The level of potential NTR might be too extreme even for me. I will save this for later when I am ready to read it.


    1. I may be out of my right to say this, since I haven’t read THAT ahead(Only 2 chapters from this cause of stockpiling.) But I will tell you this; whatever you think is going to happen from the title, throw it out of the window. This story from what I can tell, doesn’t have gangbang, anything CLOSE to what I would define ‘NTR’, and or cheating. I don’t believe the author’s writing style will have anything to do with that, but who am I say since I have read all his works?

      However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that this story is indeed A LOVE STORY. I understand you believe it may be NTR, because I also expected dark level shit until someone told me otherwise (and I trust this person.) And when I found out at chapter 2, I had a pit in my stomach because overall I got kinda disappointed, but then saw the nature of this novel and what it provides with story and love between an airhead who doesn’t want to socialize with a lot of people, and a sick bastard who just wants his parents’ recognition.


      1. I can’t say for certain that no one else will, since Sasaki might find a new girl(At least, that’s what I’m hoping because poor guy couldn’t get the girl he loved all this time, all because he couldn’t confess.)

        Also, don’t take the last message badly, I just dislike clearing up this misunderstanding. I almost ignored your previous comment because of such a assumption, but I wanted to at least clear out your conflicting feelings. And yes, I understand your assumption was pure and honest, since people hate NTR to hell, and try their very best to avoid it. So anyways, I hope I was able to clear this up(I also recommend you still wait to read it at the 20 chapter point or around that. There’s nothing special around there from what I know of, I just think you should let a few more chapters out and binge read to see if you like it or not.)


      2. I just don’t like the protagonist getting NTR’d. If the protagonist is the one stealing or cheating or being stolen in case of a girl MC, I am fine. As the pov is the protagonist. I translate some RPGmaker games where some side characters get NTR’d, but the main character that is being played is the girl so it is fine.


  6. Simply put, I guess it’s because we’re birds of the same feather

    Wow, I just kinda reread this because I was bored but I didn’t catch this the first time through xD. This already gives a big hint to what kind of person Kijima-san actually is.


  7. This is truly top tier. First I advise SJW, moral fags and weaklings to simply not read this story.

    Clearly the MC is relying on a batman gambit ( as if he actually died and even if the cops discovered the photos, I highly doubt they’d go around and posting Satsuki photos everywhere, I don’t see any reasons for them to do it.) As for the girl clearly she wouldn’t listen to him and I doubt if this was real life people would actually feel bad about Satsuki doing that shit. The males would probably be jelly of him instead lol.

    Anyways not going to complain this shit is definitely better than well over 90 % romance manga out there. In real life you don’t get sex with super hot women by being raku ichijou or yuuki rito, you get it either by being a super hot male yourself, a master seducer, or a blackmail douchebag like this guy is. This story is definitely going to be interesting, gotta love seeing things from that “loser” POV ( let’s face it real losers are the generic good worthless guys like yuuki rito)

    I love his minimalistic outlook on life, his room is empty, he’s dead to the world and everyone else and he’s way past the giving a fuck part. I’m just hoping this isn’t going to YET another one of these stories where the MC becomes a good guy/soften up and they have the nerve to call this shit character development.

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