Hi…(Updated 3/30)

I’m back. Nothing is really that bad. Just a combination of lack of energy, stress from school, and some personal stuff. I shall be finishing the next chapter hopefully before next week ends. It’ll be hard to get back into the flow, but i’m serious about at least finishing the Meat Toilet series.I’m interested in knowing what happens next too!


Next chapter will officially be posted on or maybe before 4/7. As one would imagine, 30 pages is no easy feat when just coming back alas.


13 thoughts on “Hi…(Updated 3/30)

  1. Welcome back. Take your time. As long as you dont give up. We waited months already. A few more weeks wont matter at this point.


  2. just an input from me , if it was about money , we can help! just put your patreon account and count on us for your monthly aditional money to spends


  3. this site is just a hobby , dont put too much pressure on yourself , and take my money please. i can guarantee it will make your day


    1. I appreciate this offer a whole lot, but I must refuse. The reason I was away was not because of money, but because of school and my desire to have a break. Nevertheless, this break took longer than I had wanted and it was a struggle to get back onto the translating page.

      I’ll be entering college eventually and the amount of work I will have to put into that will be a whole lot. I do not know if I could continue translating after my current series even if I was receiving money. Besides, I would feel guilty of taking someone else money off simply translating the work someone else wrote. I started this website in the hopes of sharing ero to tons of people without putting a single penny into my pocket.

      Once again, I thank you. It is nice knowing I have readers who are you like you and care. I have to honestly say I think I have the most understanding community ever. From what I remember, nobody has ever rushed me to translate the next chapter. No, they simply worried if I was alright. It makes me feel blessed.


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