Episode Fifty-Six | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

I left the room and locked the door. 

The little bitch followed me with her hands wrapped around my left arm. She was smiling from ear to ear. 

She’s obviously delighted after experiencing an edging pleasure. 

On my other side, Makoto is standing a bit further from me with a scorned look.

Did she think I’m still mad? Perhaps she’s like this because of jealousy?

She’s been suppressing her jealousy for awhile now. It might be better to leave her like this for a bit.

“Let’s go.”


I muttered to nobody in particular, but Shizuka answers in high spirits.

Makoto glanced at us from a side view. Her envy is really showing through; her eyes are tearing up and she’s biting her lip.



I stopped and called her name. She seemed about ready to cry.

“The punishment we are about to commence will be over after this. However, there will be no second chance. So if you bind me against my will again, I think I will let this punishment carry over―”


She interrupted and jumped to take my right side. She then buried her face in my shoulders and wiped her tears.

I do not think she has learned from this experience.


I heard a tsk from my left side. Why is she pressing against my left arm? When I turned around I saw Shizuka puffing her cheeks and pressing her chest against me.

On my other side, I felt a soft shape against me.

This elasticity. This Satisfaction. This is more like it.


Shizuka is groaning now. Looking to my other side, her eyes and ears look like they’re boiling in anger as she looked at Makoto. After a bit, she then looked up at me.

“A girl’s chest isn’t everything!”

She turned away in a huff.

I didn’t say a word. Perhaps it was my expression?


We were walking down a hallway, but then we suddenly stopped in front of a door.

“Don’t you realize that big brother is having a hard time walking!? Let go of him, Makoto!”


“Grrrr! And to think you were depressed just a while ago!”

“Then and now are two different times.”

Both of them are annoying.

But well, I suppose if it wasn’t for these two idiots I would have stayed locked up in my room all this time. I most likely would have been forced to return home to my parents if I kept skipping school.

“Mother, you’re so mean.”

I said it under my breath, but Makoto and Shizuka instantly became silent.

Can these idiots read the air? I’m surprised that they noticed.

From the power bestowed by sake, my mother exposed everything. She must have really been concerned about it. If she wasn’t, she probably wouldn’t have opened up so easily.

“Well, I guess we are similar in that regard…”

Kajiura-san did say I was just like my mother. I suppose she would know, since she knows just about everything about her.

She probably has not parted my mother’s side because she knows the baggage she carries.

It’s undeniable that her being there has helped my mother a great deal.

Something about what she said struck me as bittersweet.

If I’m just like her, then…no, there is no point to continue dwelling on it.

Now that I think about it, did my brother take advantage of my mother rushing to action, in order to bring me back home?

They are rather recklessly selfish after all.  It made me quite happy knowing what they were doing for me.

My father does have absolute say to stop these two reckless idiots in their tracks though… He is just that powerful.

But regardless, I wasn’t just about to forgive him for that. Whatever reason he had to do what he did, I just wouldn’t.

Unlike my brother, I was a rotten apple. Not only that, but my sexual desires distorted to what they were. So of course, I have no reason to obediently follow him like they would.

“Makoto. Shizuka.”

I called out to the two in front of the door.


“Huh? What is it brother?”

Makoto stiffened up while her sister tilts her head in curiosity.

“Just once, I’m going to say this once: Thank you,”

I whisper into their ears and quickly walked again.

The two seemed to be taken aback for a moment, but quickly walked with me.

“Eh? Why? Why did you say that?”

Shizuka seemed unable to fully understand what was happening as she walked a bit slower than usual.

“S, Shizuka-san! When Aoi-san is gentle, it means he has something up his sleeve! Do not be fooled, Satonaka-senpai told me this! It will be hard to get out once you get sucked in!”

Meanwhile, Makoto seemed to be desperately trying to help Shizuka while holding onto my arm.

“Huh? Who is Satonaka-senpai?”

“Somebody who knows everything about him! She’s small like you, but unlike you, she has a bigger chest!”

“Wow! Why did you stress the chest!? That means nothing, you know! Anyway, was she perhaps his ex-girlfriend!?”

“It is different! An ex would not possibly be as nice as her! She wasn’t out to gain his love from the start, either! She is simply a person who is able to laugh even while in a blazing fire! I have a feeling neither of us would win against her!”

Makoto was shaking while Shizuka’s face went pale.

“I-Is she cute?”

The little bitch swallowed her slavia, looked at her chest, and then back at Makoto.

“Really…Really pretty. Outwardly and inwardly…”

As sweat streamed down her cheek, Makoto nodded with her shaken response.

“A, Anyway, that’s what Satonaka said. Don’t make that mistake!”

“I-I’ll be careful!”


After talking to each other, they nodded to each other.

Ah, is that right. It seemed like she was really grateful. Are you going to keep doing that?

Looking at it, it seemed like Satonaka is being reflected in Makoto’s eyes. It seems like she really glorifies her.

Satonaka will surely return at the end of this week. But since I have Makoto’s sister, it won’t be necessary to use her anymore.

I also thought about contacting her, but I’d rather say it directly. If I did it like last time, she’ll just up and leave.

So, I have to set up a meeting. This plan has a – no, something like you,”You are no longer necessary. You have now served your purpose.”


The strategy had already began to show the fruits within the two. However, the overall idea of it is quite different.

The foolish sisters’ power is a necessary precaution to manipulate my brother.

However, if I pass on what this strategy is about, it will definitely fail.

That is why I only told what I have to in order to get the acknowledgement of my brother to join the Ogasawara family.

In short, we have to sell flatter to him.

Actually, the reason to bring them here is to hide the relationship between the sisters and I.

My brother has many problems in his personality like I, but he looks like a genuine beauty.

Besides being quite tall, he has outstanding style, intelligence, and the eldest son of a distinguished family.

Any woman would want such an amazing catch so badly.

In other words, I’ll bring both sisters and my brother to a public place. And to win his favor for me, they’ll desperately try to butter him up. What will come of that? Rumors.

“The Ogasawara sisters are caring for his dear little brother in order to get closer to the eldest: Kijima Soichiro.” Will be how it’ll be perceived. This also means if he comes in contact with Makoto at school, it’ll become rather difficult terrain with new rumors.

It’ll be like a threat to Sasaki.

No matter who asks, I’ll just falsify the story. By that point, the rumor will surely have ignited.

Even if Makoto denies and attempts to explain that she loves the younger brother, most likely nobody will believe her.

No, it doesn’t matter even if there are people who do. People who believe or do not, are essentially the same by their way of twisting up the story in many different ways.

If I just muddy the waters a bit, my brother is certainly going to become a star.

My brother is simply beautiful in addition to having a lean, masculine body. Like I also said earlier, he is from a well known family. I am simply an inferior, effeminate man who left the house as the second son.

Why would she choose me? It is obvious she would be after my brother.

Even if the sisters consistently approached me, I am nothing but a stepping stone towards the real goal.

When everything is done to the T, my brother will have the most well known face at my school. He would certainly be seen by the Ogasawara and Sasaki, too.

Well, of course I will also be in the limelight. But at the same time, I’ll be overshadowed by my brother.

This way, my brother’s movement will be limited and he will be forced to do all his work underground. All this, is part of my master plan to make everything difficult for him.

“Makoto, do you know my brother’s number?”

I stopped once again and asked her.

“Eh? U, Um…that would be―”

“No need to lie. I am not mad either. But if by chance you do, please call him now.”

Makoto shook to my question.

There is no doubt that Makoto and my brother have kept in contact. It is rather convenient, since I don’t know his mobile number.

The number I had was removed when I came here. By removed, I mean I purposely deleted it off my phone.

Well, I do think I remember it now that I think about it. But, there is no way to be absolutely sure just by my memory. Regardless, it is still much better if Makoto makes the call.

If I make Makoto contact him now, I will let him know that I’m aware of everything he was doing with Makoto.

He surely didn’t want me aware of his attempt to recruit Makoto. All it would bring is more doubt.

After that, it’ll become much more difficult to contact Makoto. This means he will have a much harder time getting information out of Makoto, which was essentially a gold mine for my brother.

It is very likely that my brother has other means for information as well, but I should at least squash those I can.

Makoto, who was obviously a bit upset, let go of my arm and took out her phone from her bag.

It seemed like she wanted to hide this from my brother, since she is trying to gain his favor.

“H, Hello, is this big brother? I’m sorry, Aoi-san is aware…”

I listen to Makoto as she speaks into her phone.

Now, my brother is most likely going to give an excuse, but I’m not interested in such things.

“A, Aoi-san, big brother says he wants to talk to you….”

After saying that, she presented me her phone. Her expression and voice dropped low.

I motioned my hand for her to come over, which she timidly did. Then I bent over to Makoto’s ear and spoke.

“Was he angry?”

She shook her head.

Well, it was rather unreasonable for my brother to ask her to keep it a secret. Only Makoto would carry the risk of lying to me.

After a bit she would not be able to keep silent and perhaps disclose everything to me herself. However, if it is my brother he would have certainly prepared some collateral. I don’t know if Makoto has already received it or she was about to arrange to get it.

I pat Makoto’s head before I took the phone. Then once I put it to my ear, I could hear somebody breathing rather heavily.

What is this? Is he putting on the performance of his life?

“H, Hello, is this…big brother?”

I asked to the phone.

Before I knew it, my brother’s voice rushed out in forming an excuse.

As I presumed, the excuse was exemplary for his situation. He said he was worried about me and wanted to get the latest information from Makoto. He then continued to apologize through the phone.

“B, Big brother…I, I am deeply hurt…” (Kek, the little shit stops using ‘ore’ and now begins to utilize ‘boku’. Trying to seem innocent, ay?)

I push aside my brother’s excuses and apologies and raise a saddened response.

Soon after, I hung up.

“Eh? …Now, what?”

Like she had just saw a ghost, the little bitch’s face goes pale.

“…He has to be plotting something. He has an evil face right now.”

In front of me stood Makoto, who also looked terrified from the head down.

That’s a good face. Please keep it, since that will help with my plan.

Before long, my brother, who was wearing a suit, came running out to the apartment house. His face was even paler.

“Aoi! I’m really sorry Aoi! I’m so sorryy!”

Makoto looked uncomfortable seeing my brother run with such alarm. Then when I looked to my side, I saw Shizuka staring at my brother, eyes and mouth wide open.

“W, Who is that…handsome man.”

This is the first time the little bitch has met my big brother. Her reaction is similar to anyone who sees him. As expected: she’s just a basic bitch.

At least Makoto is a bit different. When she saw him she wasn’t that surprised. I don’t think she has the mental capacity to show confusion to begin with.

“Shizuka, if you prefer the more masculine type, don’t worry about offending me. After all, he is the eldest of our family, and frankly, much more powerful. If you want to borrow that power of his, you’ll be able to maneuver your way around that Sasaki hurdle much easier than with me.”

After I whispered that to her, her eyes swam and her head shook.

“He looks kind, but…that person also seems rather scary.”

It appeared she had some sort of intuition to sense that from my brother. No, Makoto had that ability. Shizuka is more heuristic.

She’s plagued by suspicion, so she’s good at finding the heart of her enemy through their first impression.

No, actually it might be that she just sensed herself due to the amount of similarities they possess.

If it’s the latter, it might be same tribe hatred.



My brother rushed to my side, and in the process, tossed Shizuka to the side.

In reaction, she seemed to have screamed from the suddenness of it.

Oi oi, you don’t need to throw anyone to the side!

“Uuu, gahh…i, it hurtssss”

Grimacing, the little bitch groans as she holds her breasts.

“Aoi! Is something wrong!? Are you worried about yesterday!? Everything is my fault! Not yours!”

My brother, without acknowledging Shizuka, grabbed my shoulders and spoke to me in a frantic.

Is Shizuka ok? He looked thin at first glance, but he is really strong.


Makoto was dumbfounded at what happened, but quickly rushed over to Shizuka and hugged her head.

“I, I’m fine. H-He is unexpectedly strong…owww”

I looked back to the source of the voice. Makoto had her hand to her heart and heaved a sigh of relief.

Apparently she’s fine.

She may like pain, but her perversion surely wouldn’t cross over to unreasonable violence.

However, for my brother to have raised a hand to a woman…Well, I suppose it wasn’t like he raised his hand- it was more like him pushing away an obstacle- which is another problem in its own right.

“B, Big brother! What did you do to Shizuka-san!?”

Knowing that she was safe, he then looked up to my brother while holding her close.

She wouldn’t feel any anger if he pushed her away, but when it comes to her little sister, something else snaps in her. Her expression was full of fury, and it was directed at my brother.

“Makoto, don’t worry we can go to a hospi―”

“Aoi! Don’t worry about that! Are you okay? It is unlike you to cry out to me!”

My voice was interrupted by my brother, who gripped onto my shoulders and was staring right at me with bloodshot eyes.

Ow, my shoulder is going to break.

This is bad. This is going way outside of how I thought it would go. Is it better to stop this and go to the hospital together? Worst case scenario, Shizuka’s bone might have broke.

“B, Big brother! Wny are you asking such unnecessary questions! Shizuka is hurting―”

“M-Makoto, I am fine. I am perfectly fine. Haa, haa.”

Makoto is about to scream, but her sister stopped her before she could. Not that it matters, since he was ignoring the two anyway.

What do I do? Do I stop it here or let it continue? Whichever I pick, it seems like it will go really badly. Makoto is the the heart of this whole plan, and she appears to be growing in hatred towards my brother.

“B-Big brother, Shizuka is a dear sister to Makoto. Is it too much to ask her if she’s okay? I’m worried we may have to take her to the hospital.”

I looked at my brother, who after speaking with me looked down to the little bitch.

The moment I looked at his eyes a chill went down my spine. His delicate eyes weren’t there. It was like he was looking at insects.

It seemed like Makoto and Shizuka were only a minor existence in his big picture.

Perhaps he lets me associate with them because he seems them as my amusement toys.

He is most likely not going to go against his weaky, younger brother if he is happy.

My knees began to tremble against my will. Can I manipulate him? If I fail, this person will…

“S-Sorry. I was just concerned about your state, so I lost my composure for a bit. You are Shizuka-chan, right? I’m really sorry. Are you okay?”

He let go of me, and with a blank expression he approached the anxious Shizuka.

“I-I am okay Makoto worries too much.”

Her face seemed twisted, but he forcibly threw Makoto’s arms away and shook her hands towards my brother.

Makoto looked at her anxiously by her side. To her warm, considerate eyes I unfroze and quickly straightened myself up.

Why was I afraid? And why was I about to run away? Cut it out! There is no way to escape since I am determined to see this through to the end.

“You should go to the hospital if you’re hurt. I’ll make arrangements so you get a thorough examination as soon as possible. Naturally, money is not an issue. Makoto, I’m sorry but won’t you accompany your sister to the taxi? Do not worry about a thing, just leave Aoi and I alone.”

Talking to Makoto, my brother bowed.

Oi, Oi, why was he acting so differently? Did he just decided they would be a nuisance and sent them away?

“R- Really, I am alright! It’s okay!”


She may have smiled and raised her hand, but her face still had a painful hint to it. She is most likely forcing herself.

My brother’s star is still uneasy, but it wasn’t the same as before.

“Onii-chan! Do something! I am fine!”

“S, Shizuka-san!”

Makoto shouted as soon as she noticed what she was about to do. That was, of course, her jumping up to me and attaching herself right back to my arm.

“The rightful place for me! Don’t you think? Onii-chan, I said you don’t have to worry about the two of us!”

While she clung onto my arm, she looked at me with a full on grin.

She is more or less overworking this, but she seemed fine. I shouldn’t be taking her so lightly as I once had.

Although she caught a glimpse of what my brother truly is, she wasn’t scared at all.

On the contrary, she took the initiative to go against my brother.

She is the opposite to Makoto’s wistful ways. Even if she hits a wall, she will actively try everything to get through it. She also has the cunningness to utilize her childlikeness.

She does have a weakness to get over her addiction to that medicine, but that was because of the environment she was cornered in. With this incident, has the true colors of the little bitch come through?

I may have gotten cold feet when in front of him, but the little bitch would have kept firing if we let her.

She may have more use than I originally thought.

“I-Is that right. Well, I am glad you’re safe, but are you okay as well, Aoi? Weren’t the two you just off for school? I’ll take Shizuka to the hospital if you go to school.”

He looked at me worriedly , but then switched to Makoto’s sister.

He went from uneasy, to cold in a split second.

As to deflect his attack, she quickly hid her face in my arm, stuck out her tongue and pulled down her eyelid in a position that he couldn’t tell from.

H, Hey, I know he is a pain, but why are you dragging me into your dispute?

She is just beyond annoying. Why did I feel like praising her. She’s the type of woman that you just have to hate. I only feel like training her so she breaks by my hand.

Kuku, that sounds good. Not bad at all.

Now then, I should take advantage of the chance the little bitch had blessed me.

“B, Big brother…”

I held my head and staggered a bit.


I wasn’t about to fall because the little bitch was holding me close, but just from acting like I would, my brother jumped right at me.

Shizuka quickly took shelter behind me and along with it pulled my left arm. She probably didn’t want to be pushed away again.

Soon after, she gripped both shoulders.

I-It hurts. I’m going to break a bone like this!

“D-Don’t worry. I just haven’t gotten sleep. It is just a migraine….”

“I!? I’m sorry! I’m really sorry Aoii! There is no way you could relax in such a small room! Just go to the hospital to make sure it’s nothing serious! I’ll get us to a first-class hotel for sure! Of course, with the best bed as well so you can sleep as much as you’d like!”

My brother seem to have lost himself completely from the look of his scary, bloodshot eyes.

Makoto, who is behind my brother, looked confused as he slowly edged off the world.

He was taken by surprise. Why is he acting like this? Was it really a surprise to find out I knew everything?

I would not have been optimistic about going home if he was like this.

I cannot even talk to anyone about this, as I don’t have any contacts.

However, my brother seemed to be at disarray. Just a little more and this can pull through.

“I don’t have to go to the hospital. It is just a lack of sleep, but don’t worry, it’s not because of you.”

Even if i’m not lying, my brother’s face still remains blue.

“B-But, there is a chance we can fix that at the hospi―”


I shut my brother off and spoke. After my word, it was like time stopped.

Both Makoto and my brother gathered to me. I didn’t see Shizuka, but her eyes are probably popping out of her skull.

“….A-Aoi….W-What did you just say?”

With sweat protruding from his face and down his cheeks, my brother finally opened his mouth.

“Please carry me on your back. I’m too tired to walk.”

I answered with a smile as well.

It is possible my brother is an attention seeker. From seeing what happened with Shizuka yesterday, I know I have to be careful about it.

After all, there is a possibility my brother is just like her.

Of course, I also know he is not as simple as her. But, it’s worth trying.

In other words, I’m utilizing his confident manner. I want you to do this, and this is making sure all his attention is on me.

I bet it’d go well, if it does it’ll become possible to control him.

“O-Of course.”

While his eyes swam and his voice broke, he turned his back to me and squatted down.

…Oi, why is it that this went easier than anything!

Well, no. It hasn’t gone that well since his mind is rather complex.

Was it actually that simple?

I didn’t grasp a single thing, but I got on his back.


My brother was beginning to be in a better mood as we walked to the school route.

Both the Ogasawara sisters walked on either end of my brother’s side. As a conversation topic, he talked about the flowers blooming.

The little bitch steadily began flattering my brother by the sheer enthusiasm she was showing to him. She really was more useful than she led on.

At the start Makoto was a bit suspicious, but now she is talking to him with a smile plastered on her face.

And then there was I, riding my brother’s back in silence. I couldn’t be making noise if I was supposed to be playing the exhausted brother.

It is true I am rather tired, but when the brat started bursting out with laughter at my childhood misfortune, my anger flared up. It took all my effort to hold myself back.

Well on another topic, the students seem to be coming to school as I expected.

It may be disgraceful to expose myself in such a vulnerable position, but this has to be done.

If I was walking, I would certainly be at the center of their eyes. However, I made sure my brother is.

He now had two beautiful girls by his side, talking and laughing with him.

When they look up at me, they’ll just see me on my brother’s back, unable to engage in their conversation.

I am only an extra to the Ogasawara sisters and my brother.

After this, it should seem like an amazing superman is carrying me on his back.


Once we arrived at school I got off my brother’s back.The students passing the school gate watched with fixing eyes.

“Aoi, are you really okay?”

“Of course, because I slept on your back I feel a lot better.”

“I-Is that so. Since you slept on my back you feel better? Is that so, is that so….kuu”

Was he deeply moved by my words? He is putting his hands to his eyes.

For a moment, it looked really scary. It was as if he was going to end his life on the spot.


“W-What? Aoi, did you want to say something? You can say anything and big brother will do it for you!”

He lowered his hands, wiped away his tears and instinctively pestered me further.

“Y-Your big, powerful back made me feel safe.”

I forced a smile.

With teary eyes, my brother kept repeating, ”That is right, that is right” as if it was a prayer.

“I need a favor. Can you come back here and pick me up? I’m going to be staying late, is that fine?”

I tilted my head to really sell my question. It seemed to work, too. My brother opened his eyes wide, which once again, made me shiver a bit.

“Why wouldn’t it be?!”

He answered with a vigorous hand raise.

He looked, sort of, like a beautiful gorilla.

“R, Really? …T-That’s good…”

Was he really that giddy?

My plan was going well, but at the same time, I didn’t feel like I wanted it to.

“Th-Then, see you later, big brother….”

“Alright! No matter what, I will pick you up!”

My brother’s face tightened. It seemed like he is determined.

That is good. From here, everything is going as I had planned. If he continues to do what I want, the plan will be a success. However, there is no way to know for sure.

As such, I have no choice but to wait and see.


“Eh? Y-Yes!”

After he stood in his saluting position for a bit, he turned away and called out to Makoto.

Naturally, she answered quite fast.

“For me, I beg of you to care for Aoi! I can only trust you! If something comes up, please contact me and I will come faster than the wind!”

“Y-Yes sirrr!”

My brother grabbed onto Makoto’s shoulders and spoke to her in a vigorous way. Makoto answered in the same salute he did.

This is not just ideal. It more than that!

He not only said he was my big brother, but he also said he had a way to contact Makoto! Moreover, Makoto agreed.

In other words, everyone knows the small connection between Makoto and my brother.

I probably don’t have to lift a single finger. The rumor can just ride away into the sunset.

‘Ogasawara Makoto has a relationship with Aoi’s big brother. That is why they hang out with Aoi.’

The hottest topic will be between my brother and Makoto, and I would simply become a minor detail.

Although, a rumor is still a rumor. The possibility of it spreading differently is an inconvenience to me. But at that time, I can take a hold of the rumor and stir it back on track.


After my brother left, some schoolgirls tried to approach us. However, after a single glare by me they left.

I pretended to be an honor student and a reputable person, but that small group talking to me will be nothing. Perhaps they will end up looking bad.

Then I felt somebody staring behind me. I looked back and saw Makoto and Shizuka’s glares.

“Aoi-san, you’re absolutely plotting something! You said you’re doing this to gain the favor for marriage, but I don’t think that is everything!”

“I don’t mind your plan, but you weren’t onii-chan earlier! Onii-chan wasn’t manly, but just a girl!”

The two continued whispering.

They may talk however they want, since I won’t hear any of it. There is no point.

No, if the purpose was to irritate me they vastly succeeded.

After I gave a sigh, I beckoned Shizuka to come over my left side.

“Shizuka, come here for a moment.”

“Eh? Me? Not Makoto? I-if you’re angry, please pick Makoto…”

Did she think she was about to be scolded? But in spite of such, when she looked at Makoto she turned away.


After being ignored by Makoto, she gave up and came to me. Once in front, she looked up like she was trying to sell something.

I’m not really angry.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the school gate’s shadow.

“A-Ahahaha, don’t be mad! It was only a light joke!”

She seemed really anxious. She is desperately trying to make excuses, but I ignored them all and touched her chest.

“My brother did something unnecessary. Does it hurt? Are you really okay?”

I was actually concerned about this for a long time. I know she looked like she was fine, but she is a delicate girl.

Besides, I hate violence. It does not matter if it was done by a man or a woman, I just hate anyone who uses physical strength to silence somebody.

“Eh? U-Um, it still hurts a bit, but it’s okay…”

She nodded.

Is that right? It still hurts a bit?

“Are you really that okay you don’t have to go to the hospital?

“Eh? N-No…what is wrong with you? Onii-chan is too gentle that it’s sickening…”

To my question, she glared right at me.

Sickening? Well, I suppose that is true for me. But my brother did something awful, so of course I should at least take responsibility.

But if that’s the case, she seemed alright. If a bone was damaged she may not have been able to breathe.

But that is not to say I am done here.

Once before, when I was really small, I learned my mother’s get-better charm.

Before, when I was crazily chasing after my brother, I fell down and scraped my knee.

When my mother came I cried a lot.

With my hand at her chest, I patted it lightly.

She was surprised by the suddenness of it and quickly became embarrassed.

“Pain, pain, go away…There, the pain flew away.”

During the whole charm, I threw my hand from her chest to the sky, and then closed my eyes.

“…Yes, it has now flown out into space.”

Ears still red, she looked at me blankly.

The pain of course does not actually fly away, but this should be sufficient as an apology. When this was done by my mother, I actually thought the pain flew away.


I heard a voice behind me and turned in reaction. It was Makoto, and she was holding her stomach.

“It hurtss, my stomachhh, it hurtsss. …Ow ow ow! I have a sudden stomach ache! If my pain doesn’t fly away now, I won’t recover at all! It hurtssss!”

I gave a scuff as a looked down at Makoto.

This was only for Shizuka. She was actually feeling terrible. But you, Makoto, have no reason to be. This bitch…why is she doing something so embarrassing?

“Onii-chan, your face is red…”

Once I heard Shizuka, I instinctively turned away.

“My face is just hot…”

I murmured to her.

“It hurtssssss! My stomach hurtssss! The pain won’t fly away without your helpppp!”

Makoto, you really are annoying.

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