Episode Fifty-Five | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

Sorry for the delay, but at least it’s finally here!


Households of all kinds lived within the long line of huge buildings around here. They were far within the skies like solemn mountains’ defending the town.

It was different from how I remembered it, but it still gave me a bit of nostalgia.

When I first came here I didn’t have to chance to soak in all of its beauty. The scenery was just memorizing.

I had come to miss this scenery; perhaps this had become another hometown for me.

The cold, morning air was hitting my face as the sun just started to climb over the mountains and shine into the town.

I didn’t dislike the sunrise nor did I dislike the sunset. Whether it was a brief moment before the light disappeared or appeared…. It was just a simple a breaking point between the lightest and the darkest moments.

“Ugh… I want to sleep some more….”

I murmured to myself half-awake.

Because of the drug I had been fed, I couldn’t catch sleep till late at night and I wanted was to take my beauty sleep.

“It’s great to be able to finally use my hands again, though….”

I looked down at my palms and tried moving my fingers to see if they still worked. Luckily, they did.

This feeling was similar to the one of feeling better after having a cold: true appreciation of what you have.

I had been released just a few minutes ago.

Makoto was starting to wake up as well and greeted me by wishing me a good morning.

The little bitch hadn’t come back after going to the bathroom. Once I was free, I went over to check on her only to see her sleeping on the toilet seat.

Had she fainted? I was relieved to find her sleeping even though I didn’t wasn’t really sure why.

It had been my first time with such drugs, but she should be used in regular doses at this point, right? Then again, even though I had most likely been fed a regular dose, who knows how much she had taken…

Yet, this bitch was able to sleep when I couldn’t. Maybe it was just her drug tolerance?

The effect of the drug was finally starting to wear off, and sleepiness hit me. In order to suppress it, I went out on my balcony to get some fresh and cold morning air.

It was definitely too late to go back to sleep now. I had already been absent from school yesterday; if I was late or absent another day, the teachers might get suspicious.

Since I was living alone, I could make up an excuse that I fell asleep due to a cold, but these foolish sisters would most likely thwart that alibi.

Her little sister might be alright, but I very much doubted Makoto herself. If Makoto and I were ‘coincidentally’ absent at the same time, rumors might spread.

No, they might have already started to spread.

The relationship between Makoto and I mustn’t be discovered, especially by Sasaki. Then again, if I were to be introduced as the son-in-law of Makoto’s family, he would find out eventually.

Due to how closely related both their families were, I had to strike while the iron was hot.

I had enough of playing defensively. It was time to invade the enemy’s base.

I planned out my invasion on the spot. Due to my lack of sleep, it might not be the best plan, though.

Well, there were still my big brother and mother next-door. They could be my biggest weapon, especially my brother.

There would be no going back after I struck, but he could certainly be of assistance.

Might as well manipulate him if possible.

Yeah, I was aware of it. It was just way I was. My personality was sort of evil.

If I had to say why, it was because working in the shadows was so much more fun than being a nice, open guy.

“How many years has it been since I last had such a refreshing morning?”

I said to myself and took a deep breath of the nice, cold air.

“Alright, time to do this.”

I said and slapped both my cheeks with determination.

I would grasp my fate with my own hands. This would be the day I took my first step forward.


I left the balcony and entered the kitchen.

“Ah, Aoi-san! Please untie me! I need… I need to use the restroom!”

“A-Ah… O-Oni-sh-chan… please… h-help me…”

Did I just hear something? It was probably just in my head.

I rarely cooked for myself, so my school lunch was mostly bought at convenience stores. Yet, I felt today was a special day, so why not cook for myself.

“It… It is coming out! Aoi-san! Please don’t make your dear Makoto suffer!”

“Ah… Ahh… Mmm… Let me go… Let me go!”

The birds were awfully noisy today. One seemed rather energetic while the other seemed to be nearing its deathbed. Yet strangely, the harmony of the two singing birds went well with my cheerful mood.

“A-Aoi-san! Look at Shizuka-san! She seems to be in trouble! I may have said that I’m at my limit, but she seems to have already exceeded hers!”

“Uuu… Uu… M-Makoto… Help me…”

I checked the refrigerator while enjoying this early morning song.

I had decided to cook today, but what dish? I normally didn’t boast about this, but I was a quite an amazing cook. Still, since I didn’t do so often, I didn’t have a lot of ingredients to work with.

I was mostly just foods that could be eaten on their own.

Hmm, maybe I should cook an egg? In that case, what went well with an egg?

“An omelet? No. A fried egg, maybe? Hmm… I should add in some rice, then.

“You’re ignoring us! Completely ignoring us! You’re a demon! A demon that looks like a goddess!”

“M-Makoto… Makoto…”

The little birds kept singing their song. Well, it was no matter to me. I started to clean the rice cooker and then went to wash some rice.

After rinsing it two times, I dropped it into the cooker and added just the right amount of water before turning it on.

Soon, I heard a beep, and the cooker displayed time of 30 min, counting down. Well then, time to make the side dishes.

“Aoi-san! Shizuka-san is convulsing! She’s in danger!”

“Uuu… M-Makoto, sa-save… Save me…”

I turned on my electric stove and poured some oil into a frying pan.

Alright, time to make the egg. How was it best made again?

The yoke had to be soft boiled… I needed to use a lid for that. At least that was what I remembered my mother telling me a long time ago.

I took the egg out of the fridge and cracked it into the frying pan.


“Shizuka-san! Hold on! Hold on!”

“Uu… Uu… I’m done for.”

I managed to crack the egg perfectly, without any shells getting into the pan.

I hadn’t broken an egg in a long time, but it seemed like all the practice in elementary school hadn’t failed me yet.

I remembered my whole class looking at me enviously as no matter what they did, they had always failed miserably.

Which means I knew the basics of how to boil an egg. It’s simply breaking it open and boiling it.

It is which a rudimentary skill that of course, I would know it after so many years.

“Hmm, do I wait now? Also, how long do I leave the lid on? Meh, it should be fine to just go by the feeling.”

“Please, Aoi-san, it’s leaking! Shizuka-san, hold on just a little bit longer!”

“N-no… I can’t hold it….”

“I know how you’re feeling, but you’ll be worse off if you don’t! Trust me, I was in the same situation yesterday!”

“I really can’t hold it… Makoto, save me!”

“Shizuka-san! Aoi-san, I’ll take on your worst punishment, so please let her go!”

I sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, crossed my legs, and kept an eye on the pan.

I was sure it wouldn’t be good to open the lid now. The yolk should be steaming into a fried egg.

I had to wait for now. This was an important step since there was no coming back from opening the lid too early.

“M-Makoto…I can’t…go…any…further… I-I’m… I’m sorry…”

“Shi-Shizuka-san! Shizuka-san!”

Soon after, black smoke starting coming out of the frying pan.


With my fried egg on a plate and my rice in a rice bowl, I walked to the living room.

I would have preferred to have some miso soup with it, but this would have to do for today.

“Haa… Haa… Fuah… Aahh!”

One of the singing bird seemed to have a hard time breathing.

The energetic bird looked exhausted while the other one seemed to have already flown out of the world.


I placed my food on the table, pushed it to the middle of the room, then went to get a square cushion and sat on it next to the table.

“Hmm, it looks quite nice.”

I commented on my masterpiece of an egg. Its black appearance seemed quite hip. Avant-garde, even.

“Now then, what about the taste… Gah…”

Its texture was rather crunchy while its taste gives the impression of deep, unseasoned flavor.
I could still taste its marvelous flavor after I swallowed.

It had that sort of an adult taste. Like black coffee – no, espresso? No, wait, doppio even?

While the taste of my fried egg still reverberated through my mouth, I took a bite of rice.

“Mmhm, as expected.”

A tender texture that any sick person would be happy with. I could swallow it without chewing at all.

The thick taste of the fried egg harmonized perfectly with the tender rice in a very strange way…

No, I couldn’t do this anymore.

“I’m surprised at how bad it turned out, actually…”

The rice was a sloppy mess and the egg was charred. I just wasn’t suited to cook for myself. It was painful but had to admit that fact.


When I was done with my meal, I took the dishes to the kitchen then went straight back to the living room.

Hmm, it was still 6:00 a.m., so I had time before school.

“Haa, haa, haa, haa.”

The heavy breathing didn’t go away, so I sighed and squatted down next to the source.

“Oh, it’s Makoto. It’s weird that I didn’t notice it was you. You seem very disgraceful right now, what happened?”

I spoke to Makoto, pretending not to know what was going on.

Her rough breathing was accompanied by a flushed face and she also seemed to be on the verge of crying.

Her hands were bound behind her back while her legs were held wide open by the rope in a squatting position over a blue bucket.

I peeked inside only to see it was still empty.

I then looked next to Makoto. The little bitch was drooping over. Had she fainted? Or, was she close to it? Either way, she wasn’t moving.

She couldn’t fall, though. A rope held her hands up towards the curtain railing.

“Looks like the little brat dropped our early, huh. Well, seems like her big sis isn’t giving up yet.”

I whispered into Makoto’s ear and patted her head. She looked at me with wet, trembling eyes, unwilling to respond. Well, no, it was more like she couldn’t afford to do it in her position.

She was half-naked, so a small bulge could be seen on her abdomen.

That was because I had decided to clean her anus for her, of course, and made sure to use a whole lot of hot water.

This much was only fair for the suffering they had caused me from tying my hands.

I had made quick use of my freedom by tying Makoto up and stripping naked then going to the bathroom and doing the same to her bitch sister.

Makoto hadn’t resisted as much as I had hoped while Shizuka couldn’t have seemed to understand what had been happening after just having woken up.

After getting Makoto into the bathroom, I had injected water into both of her anuses and had left them to fend for themselves as I had gone to do stuff elsewhere.

There was a reason to why I had left the two in the bathroom.

I have yet to train Makoto around others, so she has little tolerance doing this around her sister. Moreover with what she saw of her yesterday.

In other words, she might feel some sort of empressement doing it in front of her sister, but there was always her defiant side as well.

On the other hand, her bitchy sister was just a naive girl who didn’t understand right from wrong. She liked pain, but she didn’t want to expose that side of her to her big sis. That was why I had left them alone, together.

This was all for her the sake of the little sister, after all.

My whole plan was built off of that.

They might have still felt some security in the bathroom. But after injecting the water into her anuses and leaving, they both have a tortured expression.

Oh, I had totally forgotten to mention that I made sure to place them in a way that they could both see the water being injected into them.

The little sister resisted it a bit while Makoto thrust her hips to me on her own accord.

This seemed like too much of a generous punishment for her, but she had been cleaned two times till now, and it hadn’t even been the real deal.

Once I had finished her third, overall injection, I had taken them both next to the window, tied their ropes to the curtain pole, and put a bucket underneath each of them.

Makoto had seemed quite eager while her sister had worn a blank expression.

It hadn’t taken long for Makoto to realize my intentions and begin opening up to her sister.

She might have done a lot of masturbating, but she didn’t seem used to expose herself to another person.

Yet, it was necessary to take the little bitch off of her drugs. Since Makoto knew that, she tried her best to open up to her.

It was all for her sake…

Well, it was also to punish Makoto.

Makoto was used to my touch, or rather, she craved it. So even though she wasn’t used to this sort of punishment, it probably wasn’t very effective.

That was where the little bitch came in.

Makoto was someone who worried to much about others, especially when they were in pain. Seeing her sister writhing from her punishment would cause her suffering.

I was killing two birds with one stone; it was the perfect punishment for the two idiotic birds.

“Well Makoto, the choice is yours.”

“Haa, haa, haa, haa.”

I couldn’t help but smile seeing her rough breathing.

“If you can endure it for thirty more minutes, I’ll let you and the little bitch go free. But, if you can’t, Shizuka will have to suffer some more. So, will you endure it or take the easy route? What is your choice?”

Her eyes lit up at my question.

“I-I will endure!”

Again, I couldn’t help but smile at the lack of hesitance in her determined reply.

“Is that so? Alright. Still, I don’t think you will be able to endure it. When everything comes out, I will make the little bitch take responsibility for it, okay?”


She said and nodded multiple times.

I see… Still, I didn’t think it was likely she would be able to endure for thirty more minutes. It looked like she was going to sacrifice her body for her sister. Her admirable but naive conviction was actually troubling.

Now, it wouldn’t be nice of me to trample on her beliefs; I had to help her as best as I could.

“A-Aoi-san… You look like a demon…”

Her face turned pale as our eyes met.

I laughed at her reaction and petted her head.

“Fufu, don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you. You might be quite uncomfortable, though.”

“A-ah… P-please forgive me, I have been a bad girl… Please…”

She was completely submissive and seemed to understand her position.

Now then, what should I do to her first?


Her skin, softer than porcelain and of a faint cherry blossom color, was all damp from overexertion.

Her body twisted as she let out a sweet, panting voice.

“A-Aoi-shan… For-forgive me…”

Her breasts were soft, plump, and bouncy. The pointy bud of her red, stiff nipple was played with by my hand while I massaged the other breast with my other hand. With my each move, her moans would rise throughout the whole room.

I was right behind her and was tormenting her breasts and nipples.

I didn’t need to use any tools; it was easy enough to work her up without them.

Also, it was better not to use any tools, since she most likely wouldn’t be able to withstand them at this point.


She had to endure it for the sake of her sister. However, if she is just a bit careless, her sister won’t stand a chance.

In other words, I put Makoto in a situation where she couldn’t allow herself to be defeated, no matter how hard she is tormented.

I could feel her heating up while refusing to cum. However, she was tied up, so she had no room to effectively resist.

“Hyaaa! D-don’t lick it!”

I ignored her and kept tracing the scruff of her neck with my tongue.

Her squirming appearance was very amusing and just made me even more excited.

Her sweat, which was coming out from her every pore, tasted a bit salty while it’s aroma… was sweet.

From time to time. I just placed my lips against her as I pull her tips it, which caused her to tremble instantly.

I then quickly let go as if I was sucking her energy away.

She was stuck in a dance between cumming and not quite cumming yet but at the same time didn’t seem like she was willing to give up either.

“Makoto, have you noticed?”

I whispered into her ear.
I quickly noticed that the little bitch was staring right at her sister.

It had soon become obvious that the little bitch was staring right at her sister in an envious and embarrassed manner.

Unlike Makoto, she had already let everything out.


From failing to keep up with her sister and Makoto getting praised by me, Satonaka is paralyzed by the embarrassment. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to must a thing to say.

Is all she able to do is watch Makoto, drowning in her drunken pleasure as she approaches a climax?

The only sexual experience she knew was masturbation.

“Twenty minutes left. You can do it.”

She was ashamed of having to be encouraged by me, but she still managed to give a small nod.

She appeared to have a lot of determination.

“Good. Hey Shizuka, your sis is holding on for your sake. Do you get it? She is using you to get a pleasant reward.”


Makoto jerked up and quickly turned to me with here eyes wide. She tried to say something but wasn’t able to get the words out.


This was just a cover. It was clear she was enjoying it, so it’s unlikely she’ll object.

This was bad for Makoto. If her sister knew she was enjoying it, she would never stay quiet.

With her sister now in the picture, it was only natural I would torment Makoto for saying she would take full responsibility for her sister.

Now, what would she do? She knew I was training Makoto at the moment. How sweet would this end up being?

“Shizuka-san! Don’t listen to his enticing voice! Once he starts training you, you can never return to your previous self! You’re still a child for five more years!”

“F-five more years… You damn idiot!”

The little bitch exploded at Makoto, who had her tongue slip.

All according to my plan.

Of course, Makoto would try to protect her sweet, innocent sister, but her selfishness was still strong.

S he had asked me for help when she had learned about her sister’s addiction, but she couldn’t deal with the approach I took.

Jealousy builds inside her; she knew that her sister would undergo the same training as her. Shizuka being beautiful didn’t help at all, either.

She wanted to help her younger sister, but feared me devoting all my time to her, since she was so pretty. It only made sense for her to worry, looking at it from her point of view.

Naturally, there was no way I would do that, but Makoto was obviously convinced otherwise. So, now I had to make sure that Makoto understood that so that her jealousy wouldn’t get in the way of their training…

“You’re a sly bitch, Makoto! I don’t remember asking you to help me with my punishment! I can take it on my own.”

Makoto’s face went pale seeing her sister snap at her, and she couldn’t say another word.

“Well then, what will you do now, Makoto?”

My whisper caused her to jump again.

“I…I will do it for her sake…”

“She is just taking my punishment away! Big brother, she wants to monopolize you, that’s all!”


“Don’t try to defend yourself! You’re a coward! And a sly one at that!”

Makoto must have felt betrayed by all this; I could tell from the way her eyes turned all teary.

Her heart was breaking without me having to do a single thing.

How badly did it hurt? She was trying to defend her dear sister, but all she got in return was abuse. Moreover, she couldn’t bring up the courage to say anything back.

Alright, that was enough punishment for now; I got my fill.

“Shizuka, shut up for a second.”


A single word of mine stopped her ranting as if I was some sort of an authoritative figure. Well, in a way, I was.

Shizuka was obviously trying to get on my good side, seeing how I tormented Makoto.

She really was an easily controllable idiot.

“Makoto, I may be a demon, but a promise is a promise. You have endured enough, so Shizuka’s punishment will be taken away.”

“Y-you can’t do that!”

Shizuka raised her voice again while Makoto just trembled in reaction.

She seemed to be utterly depressed from being cursed by her sister for enjoying the punishment even though she was only trying to protect her.

She would probably stay quiet now even if I tormented her sister.

Well, her depression hindered progression of my plan, so I couldn’t just let her jealousy run amok.

Plus, the sisters already crossed the line I had wanted them to cross.

Shizuka was no longer will be embarrassed by exposing herself in front of her sister. Instead, she was envious to see her sister enjoying the exposure and now willingly showed off her body.

This had all been my plan; I had controlled Makoto’s jealousy in order to make Shizuka more daring.

“Now, seems like we have what, about 15 minutes left? Let’s continue our punishment. Punishment that ‘only’ Makoto will like.”

“Makoto, you’re a bitch! You’re monopolizing big brother!”


Makoto was quickly driven back into her corner the moment the bitch spoke again.

At the same of her sister’s shouts, I pulled Makoto’s nipples as far as it could.

“I’m sworry, I’m sworry―haaaaaa”

Suddenly water started spouting from her anus.

To her sister’s criticising, she accepted defeat.

“Don’t worry, even if I train your sister, your hole will continue to be my personal cumdump. So, make sure you keep it clean for any moment.”

As she continued letting our all the water held inside, I whisper just enough for only her to hear.

“Nhaaaa, Awoii-shannn, awoi-shannn”:

Was she relieved to hear that? She was moaning as loud as she could while her waist shook from the tides her anus was creating.

It was truly a splendid climax.


I left the dropping body of Makoto and headed to Shizuka. She was still squatting nude as she maintained eye contact.

Despite the assertiveness she had just a moment ago, the position of her burning red body is extremely degrading.

However, the more I look I realize she doesn’t have a lot going for her. Her chest is only just starting to peak out, and her collarbone and rib cage gives the impression that she’s delicate. Her thighs and hips are also rather small.

This bitch really is only worth her face. Nothing else can stand to a decent standard. Moreover, her pretty face is too young looking that it can’t even get it up for me.

All of this combined caused my penis to shrink in spite of the earlier teasing session with Makoto.

If only she had breasts just as big as Satonakas, then it would be worth teasing her.

“S, So…do you find my body attractive?”

What is this misunderstanding? She’s squirming around as she looks at me with an embarrassed grin.

Ahh, well, I suppose she would be attractive to somebody with that type of fetish. But from the way she spoke…it seems like she is willing.

Now, for this to be a successful training session I must pay close attention.

There are two things to take note. First is the bitch is a beginner. If I go all out now, she’ll be convinced the training just isn’t worth it and go back to drugs.

You may be thinking that the cleaning was quite harsh, but that was meant to be a punishment. She should’ve understood such, too.

However, now I have to change my approach.To make sure she likes it I have to make pleasure fit in with the training.

That is the other point. She loves pain and suffering.

Which means, for the sake of curing her, I have to give her pain in between.

That is also why I chose the punishment earlier. It hurts, but not too much.

She was surprised at first, but she seems to have gotten used to it.

Besides, even if I did a punishment that hurt worse, she would have enjoyed it as proven from the slap to her bum.

If I wanted, it’s possible that she would just be satisfied by the torment and pain associated with cleaning up there.

But, that is long off from now. It is important to focus on pleasure while giving drops of pain.

While I constructed a plan, I reviewed her body once again.

Her light pink nipples and clitoris went back to normal. It’s possible they were so abnormally enlarged due to the medicine.

Which means her erotic zones have a lot of room to improve. Careful consideration how I tread is important to keep her here.

Despite being a genuine dunce, it is not easy to incorporate pain with pleasure.

Okay, I got it. Let’s start with her sensitivity. A massage is most suitable for that.

I’ll bring Shizuka with us to our school warehouse and make Makoto my massage assistant.

“Shizuka, meet with Makoto after school.”

“Eh?, Ah, uhuh, I understand. But, um…”

She agreed but seems hesitant as she looks at me.

“What? Spit it out.”

“S, So…now we aren’t going to do anything?”

She was now squirming and burning up even more.

Seems like she also wants to be teased as quickly as possible.

Really. Seems like her sexual desire is the only mature thing about this stick bitch.

I gave a sigh as I approached her. Once in front, I squatted down and gave her a hug.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Just, give me two days. If you don’t feel satisfied after those three days, you can go back to the medicine. But do you promise to give me three days?”

I whispered in her ear.

“I, if you really do care about me, then I promise…”

To her meek answer, I held her even closer.

The whole room went silent aside from Shizuka’s heavy pants.

It seems like my plan went swimmingly. Convinced of such, I pulled a hand and placed it under the little bitch’s pussy.


The pitiful body of hers trembled with the the drops that struck against the bucket.

Lightly, gently, and carefully I trace my finger against the skin covering her clit.

“Nnu, ah, b, big brother―faster, I want you to go fasterrr”

Her body is twists back and forth. But in spite of her plees, I continue tracing gently.

The trembles from her lower body slowly grew. She is quickly growing in pleasure, which in conjunction will make what she desires gush forth.

She wants pain. Her whole body is begging such.

But regardless of what she wants, with one hand I keep her close while the other I tease her for simple pleasure.

“B, Big brother, painful, make it more painful”

She can do whatever she likes when she’s masturbating. Things like pinching her nipples or rubbing her clit are probably ways she creates the pain for herself.

However, that isn’t right. From doing whatever she likes, she doesn’t know a single thing.

The best type of pleasure is when you edge yourself up to the climax. It is impossible to do it freely, but it’s for the inconvenience of it.

It is important to make her body and mind cave before anything else.

“Big brother! I want to be ravaged! Please make it painful!”

It is evident that she was close to a climax.

A bit more, just a bit more.

I pulled away from her peaking clitoris and large line of cream followed with.

“Cruel! I was feeling good―”

The moment she raises her voice in rebellion towards the lack of pain, I quickly take away the hand hugging her. I then place my right to her clit, and my left to her nipple.

“This, is just the entrance to the best type of pleasure.”


Simultaneously to my words, I pinch and pull both her most sensitive places.

“Uyaaa!? Anhaaaa!?”

Her eyes rolled back into her head while she screamed in pleasure.

After teasing her as far as she could have gone, and then surprising her for just a moment, I gave her an explosion of pleasure and pain.

Compared to the glimpse of true pleasure, the masturbation she did before will be less than satisfactory.

“Naauu!? Anuaaa!? Nuhaaa!?”

She seems unable to process what just happened to her. She is just looking up at the ceiling, drooling as her chest goes up and down. Due to the pressure from the climax, she also seems to be peeing herself.

She may not be able to understand it, but I sure she’ll now be incorporating this into her alone time.

She really is a simple brat.

While still teasing both areas between my fingers, I looked down in admiration of my work.

If she is uneasy, she’ll take the training alongside the drugs in the neverending pursuit of pleasure.

Of course with her fragile will, she will choose the drugs as it gives her the most joy without effort.

To stop that I have to fulfill her desires.

And that means I have to strike fear into her.

And to do that, I have to make the connect that if she uses the drugs she’ll disappoint me.

“Shizuka, my dear sister. Big brother will surely save you.”

That should do for now. A whisper attack while embracing is bound to crush all her walls.

“Nyaa!? Whasan naysj me!?”

She shouts something. I don’t know what, but it’s not doubt I have taken her heart.

“S, Such dirty tactics…”

I heard Makoto’s voice, but I dismissed it.

What did she think saying that would make me feel? Being called sly is a compliment to me. So please, tell me more.

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