Episode Forty-Five | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

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It took several minutes to inject the hot water into her bowels.

It was two cups after all. But even that much shouldn’t stretch her stomach.

Satonaka’s delicate stomach did by quite a bit when I did it to her, but then again, Satonaka had also taken more.

As though it was completely agonizing, she made short, quick breaths that echoed within the bathroom’s walls.

Hands placed on the wall, Makoto slouched forward, bottom sticking out with the brown rubber tube hanging from her anus.

She was shivering after the injection as beads of sweat formed all over her body.

Her ridiculous appearance was laughable, yet arousing.

I placed down the syringe and reached for the rubber tube sticking from her anus.

Despite being used exclusively for enemas, the rubber tube has no medical uses. It was only produced for sexual play. With that in mind, this tube has a design feature to separate in the middle.

Essentially, its purpose was to support movement during outside training.

In addition, the tube also has a stopper on it so that liquids won’t flow back out even if part of it is removed.

“Makoto, can you get up?”

After separating the tube in half, I moved next to Makoto and asked.

Makoto nodded as she slowly rose up.

The hot water wasn’t like the glycerin liquid that I used to force defecation. Even if there’s a lot, it should be bearable.

“Okay then, move.”

With her right hand on the wall and her other hand on her stomach, Makoto slouched slightly forward and then moved in compliance with my words.

I thought it wouldn’t cause her stomach to stick out, but upon further inspection it seemed to be protruding a bit. If I continue injecting more into her, then I can make her look somewhat pregnant.

After arriving at the center of the bathroom, Makoto turned and looked at me. She seems to be waiting for instructions.

Seeing that, I picked up a plastic chair in the bathroom’s corner and moved it to the center of the room.

“You’ll be serving me from now on, but you being dirty while we do it is out of the question. So I’ll wash you.”

Saying that, I urged her to sit down.

Surprised after showing a bit of troubled behavior for a while, Makoto complied and sat down.


When she sat down, her face twisted as she let out a sweet, sensual scream.

Sitting down should have pushed the tube .

She was panting as sweat dropped off her cheeks. Her waist was slightly bulged.

“I’ll wash you myself. Apart from that, I want you to make the master your top priority. An excellent meat toilet should be able to say they can give themselves to their master.”

While grinning, I told Makoto in a resolved manner.

Upon hearing this, Makoto tilted her head to the side.

“T, That may be natural, but… Aoi-san isn’t that kind of person.

I nodded when she finished speaking honestly, then moved in front of her and got down on my knees.

“You have said enough, it’s fine.”

Having independence and an anticipation for the future aren’t bad behaviors for the other person. It is possible to say one of the ways a meat toilet can serve me is by defying an order.

However, when trying to devote herself to me, ignoring my fundamental feelings causes this to just become mere idling.

What am I really looking for? It’s important for her to develop an eye that can see what I want before I say so.

Incidentally, Satonaka is abnormal in that way.

Nevertheless, does Makoto really understand what I mean by washing her body?

I picked up the soap while chuckling and rubbed it between my hands. Then after running it through some hot water, I rubbed it again until bubbles formed.

“I’ll wash you now.”

Saying that, I moved both my hands to her neck.


Makoto lets out a moan while smiling. Then she raised her chin up so that her neck could be more easily washed.

I slowly slid my hands down as I rubbed her neck.

Gradually I moved down from her collarbone and shoulders to her arm. Without saying a single word, she raised her right hand and looked directly at me while breathing heavily.

I moved to the side and reached for her palm while still washing her right arm. When I finished with her arm, I moved on to wash her fingers one by one.

Once her right hand was done, I snuck around to the other side and repeated the process with her left arm.

When both arms were finished, I added more soap to my hands and went behind her.

Makoto appeared to get an idea what I was doing when gathering up her long, raven black hair. But after realizing that I couldn’t let go of it since I didn’t have anything to pin it up with, she franticly looked around the room..

After all, there’s no reason for a man living alone to have a hair pin in his bathroom. [ED:This poor bastard has clearly never played Fallout.]

“There we are, A rubber hair tie.”

However, this was something I had already prepared for beforehand.

Despite being somewhat tall and having big breasts, her back silently displayed a delicate girl.

When I finished washing her back, she silently placed both of her hands behind her head. I guess she thought it would be easier to wash her armpits and breasts this way.

At first, I thought it was just her being thoughtful, but then I realized something.

It’s because of the massage practice. These motions had been imprinted onto her from when we used lotion for practice.

I admired her armpits a little as I fastened my hands to them.


Other than flinching, she didn’t resist at all.

While watching her expression from behind, I moved my hands to her ribcage then down to her waist. After this, I returned them back her her armpits.


Is she ticklish, or perhaps she’s feeling something? Her expressing was befitting of either option as she twisted her body, desperately trying to endure.

After finishing with her armpits, I rubbed the soap to create more bubbles and then used both my hands to grab her breasts from behind.

“Haa!? Auuu―nnnn”

I pressed my palms firmly against the two mounds and felt their elasticity. Makoto’s body began to convulse intensely and she jumped, clearly shocked by the action.

Both her breasts and nipples were more swollen than ever.

Craving a climax after receiving a large volume of enema, Makoto’s sensitivity had skyrocketed.

Before she had stupidly talked about wanting to produce breast milk, but now it really does seem like she might be able to all due to her spirit.

“Ahh―nnn――hi, ahh――nuuu”

I flicked her nipples while washing her breasts in a circular motion. Each time I did so, Makoto gave an amusing twitch.

Rough breathing alongside moans echoed in the bathroom as an increasing amount of sweat squirted from her body, and her body temperature rose.

As a result of these multiple effects brought upon her, she seemed to be under some sort of grasping trance.

It’s difficult to stay rational under these conditions. Whenever she attempted to endure the agony, she would jump several times.

While rubbing her breasts in a gentle circle, I would flick her nipples with my fingers, pinch them, and then stroke them.

Makoto leaned back on me and gritted her teeth while staring at the ceiling.

Saliva hung from the edge of her lips. It appeared she was determined to endure the temptation of giving into her desires.

Makoto, in her own way, may mind that the anal torture has become unsettled not that long ago.

She had never once begged when her anus was tortured. Throughout it all, the only thing display in her eyes was the desire to earnestly endure.

In which case, a thing called a man’s instinct has a desire to break that heart by all means.

While caressing her right breast and nipple with one hand, I let my other hand slide down her bottom.


While thoroughly enjoying the appearance of Makoto moaning in spite of her struggling, I let my hand slip past her stomach towards her thigh.

I then pried her closed thighs wide open.

It’s okay to go straight in now.

My left hand slid to her inner thigh, heading towards the root of her crotch.


Stopping my hand right before I reached her crotch, I went towards her knees, evading her vagina.

I continued to rub her breast and stimulate her nipple.

Skillfully, if I do say so myself.


Continuing to convulse, streams of sweat rolled down her cheeks as she leaned back, staring at the ceiling.

Even though her body was jerking about with pleasure, she didn’t seem to be satisfied. She continued to moan while still gritting her teeth.

She still has enough mental strength to not beg. As it is, she will endure.

However, this is my tormented performance.

I separated my hands from Makoto’s body and reached for the shower head. After grabbing it, I turned on the lever for hot water.

I then carefully washed away the bubbles that were stuck to her body.

Once finished, I turned off the water and removed the hair band holding her hair up

Her long wet raven hair dropped down quickly.

You could tell it was treated with care from just the gloss alone.

I rinsed her hair with hot water once again, soaking it. After ensuring it was drenched, I took the shampoo and began to gently wash her hair.

Makoto bent forward a little and closed her eyes. She sat there obediently while her hair was being washed.

After finishing, I used the shower head to wash away the bubbles. I then washed her hair again, though this time I used conditioner.

With her hair finished, I picked the soap back up. This is the kind of soap used on infants. Naturally, using it on the face shouldn’t be a problem.

As I moved in front of Makoto, she pulled up her smooth hair with both hands and then closed her eyes, waiting.

When I place the formed bubbles to all the importants points of her face, I gently rubbed it in. Like the many times before, I used the showerhead afterward to wash the bubbles off.

There’s only one important place I have left to wash: her special place.

“Makoto, get off the chair and sit on the floor.”

To my instructions, she nodded and unsteadily rose from the chair.

She didn’t break her resolve mannerism as I was washing her hair and face, but it had to be considerably agonizing with all the hot water injected inside her bowels.

After getting up, she lowered her waist slowly onto the floor and then she awaited for further instructions.

“Use both your hands to open your crotch to the limit.”

Makoto looked at me dimly while panting and nodded. It seemed she realized what was going to happen.

After she had done as ordered, I snuck over to an obscenely exposed area and squatted down.

“I’ll be washing your vagina now. You can speak, but don’t you dare break from this position.”

Naturally, Makoto understood how stern my instructions are. I can see it in her expression.

She nodded without even a hint of hesitation. It appears she intends to endure it.

“Then I shall begin.”

After saying that, I moved the bucket of hot water to the side and began sprinkling some onto her vagina.

One could tell just how much strain her body was under from the amount of sweat that was gushing out from her body.

I reach both my hands out. Her rough breathing continued to echo out.


At the exact moment my finger touches her vaginal slit, she flinches backward.

It signals that the hellish torture was finally starting.


My left forefinger traces her vaginal slit as my right thumb rubs her erect clitoris.


A sweet, piercing scream was let out from the friction being applied to her clitoris. Just before she could climax, however, I stopped moving my fingers.

She leaned back, her bountiful breasts pushed up towards the ceiling. She pants heavily with eyes opened wide.

The caressing had ended just before she could reach a climax. It was the first time she had experienced such a stop before.

In the position she is in now, it seems like she cannot comprehend what just happened.


Before the wave of the climax completely goes away, my finger starts to move again.

“Ahhh―nnhii―again―it’s coming againnn―”

Makoto’s body stiffens as she leans back even further. However, just like last time, I stop before she can climax.

“Ah―ahh―a, almost…”

She said those words unconsciously as she stared at the ceiling. Her breathing had begun to sound rough and agonizing.

It seems she finally understands. However, there’s still more to come. True hell has just begun.

“Makoto, do something about the erotic liquids that are flowing out from your body. If it keeps spilling out, then at this rate I won’t be able to clean it up no matter what I do.”

I scrunched up my face and spat these words at Makoto after seeing the endless amount of liquid flowing from her.

Of course, I know it’s not possible for her to do something about it, but that’s the point.

“I’m, I’m sorry…”

She apologized while looking up, but she still can’t do anything. Due to the build up, she couldn’t even stop if she wanted to.

“This will be the last time, so be careful not to let any more out,”

After saying that, I began spraying her vaginal tract with hot water.


She replied in a trembling voice while panting.

It’s impossible to not do it. Despite knowing this, she still answered. No, she had no choice but to. As such, she now has no choice but to do the best she can.

Even so, it’s still a hopeless cause.

Ah, this really is amazing. I can at least bring myself to train her directly.

“Hiuu!? Ahhhhhhhh.”

I went straight to caressing her clitoris and vagina, causing her to once again leak out liquids.

A great deal of liquid spilled out from her beautiful vagina as her weak screams echoed within .

“Oi, it’s still coming out. Stop it!”


“Oi, are you listening? You really don’t listen when people talk.”

“I’m, I’m sworry, sworry―hiyaaaaaa”

While rubbing her fully erected clitioris, I used my left forefinger to trace her vagina.

It’s impossible for her to stop leaking as long as I keep caressing. Yet, Makoto still looks at me and desperately apologizes.

The second her body started convulsing, I quickly stopped caressing.


She let out a sad whimper in between her panting. Beads of sweat continued to form on her reddened face.

We aren’t finished yet. If you want to cum, then beg. No matter how pitiful you seem, however, I still might not let you.


How much time has passed since we started this new kind of training?

Her hands were clearly trembling as they held her plump, shivering thighs open.

Breathing echos in the room. Makoto, who is sweeter than when she was washed, was learned back, looking at the ceiling while occasionally popping.

Then when her brown eyes opened wide upwards to the ceiling, she no longer was focused.

Moreover, the large quantity of hot water was still causing her stomach to be faintly out.

Even tormenting her from stopping just before she climaxes as she tries to control her discharge, Makoto still doesn’t beg.

With having the mental age of a kindergartner pronouncing in a field of forward within her mind, she may think it’s possible. I had a bit of a new view on her.

“How lewd are you really? Even after washing, you produce even more erotic juice.”

“S, So, Sorry….”

To my heartlessly manner of talking, Makoto honestly apologizes.

No, no, you’re enduring it fine. It’s really amazing.

Well, she will seriously break soon with this amount of fiddling.

Moved the bucket from near me to the back, I go between her opened crotch and pressed myself up against her.


“Since I can’t wash it by hand, I decided to wash it one go.”

When I called out to Makoto, who gave a stupid cry, I grabbed her breast with both hands. The touch felt like a soft elastic.

Then with my penis fully erect, I push it at Makoto’s vagina.

“Ao, Aoi-shannn―hiyaaa!?”

I push my waist with a jerk, and rub aganist her vagina tract.

Each time my penis gets caught up against her clitoris, the lubrication on her vagina increases in muddiness.

It’s better than I expected.

Putting all my strength into both my hands grabbing at her breast, I pinch the tit with my index and thumb. I then began to wave my waist intensely.


As I torment both breaths and nipples, I intensely rub her clitoris and vagina with my penis, quickly reaching her to a climax. However, I stop my waist just before.

“Haa, haaa…uuuu.”

She continues panting and moaning. Nevertheless, she has already exceeded the limit and hasn’t begged once.

Slavia out on the edge of her lip, her shaking eyes stare at the ceiling.

Sweat dripping from her entire body like she just entered into a sauna.

She became a completely different person when I tormented her anus in the warehouse. I feel an iron strong will in her.

Even if I continue this torment, even if I did do it for forty hours, I don’t think she’ll faint or beg.

There is probably something to make Makoto have this much determination, but nothing comes to mind.

Well, this is Makoto we’re talking about. Even if I thought about it, I wouldn’t get it.

Separated both my hands from her breasts, I pull my body from between her thighs and sat down.

“Makoto, due to your juice you so endlessly produced, my penis is dirty. Clean it.”

I cross my hands in front of my chest, giving her an order in a despotic manner.

She’s already at the point of breathing faintly, but she still unsteadily gets down on all fours and crawls out to me.

‘Her voluptuous breasts shook each time she moves.

“Also use those uselessly large breasts. Do you know how to? If you don’t, think.”

Nodded to my order when she reached my groin, she got closer on her knees.

The sounds of rough breathing is the only thing echoing within the bathroom wall. She has no more energy to answer. Nevertheless, she bends forward, pressing up against my penis with both her breaths at each side. Then, she puts them between them.

I didn’t teach her about a paizuri, but did she already know? Or perhaps after a bit of thinking, she got the correct answer?

Then again, if she changed my DVD’s contents, is it natural she would know what a paizuri was?

Having picked up my penis with her breasts, she began to slowly shake her body. Soon later, she then lowers her face and starts to caress the tip with her tongue,

It felt amazing being held between her soft breasts while her slimy tongue caresses it.

Which reminds me, I never came after being in the warehouse with Satonaka.


An intense pleasure went up from my crotch and through my penis.

Erotic sound of liquid resound throughout the bathroom. Makoto sticks to the tip of my penis. However, that doesn’t mean she simply stays still there. She wiggles her tongue while petting the tip.

It was a pleasure that made me almost reflexively drool.

Gradually the liquid sounds turned into slurping.

Alongside her body shaking and her breasts stroking my breasts, she takes the tip in her mouth, sucking it. Moreover, she entwines her tongue around it.

She falls short of Satonaka, but she still has had tremendous growth. This can’t possibly be the same young girl who pressed down her teeth before.

She appeared to be quite depressed then. Perhaps she secretly did her own practice.

Aside from that, I will be finished in just a few passing minutes.

I’m not going to particularly say that, but I have my pride as a man.

“H, Hmph, you still have some way to go. At that degree of skill, this will never end.”

To make it seem like I’m not reaching my limit, I thoroughly make sure I don’t break my confident mannerism. If I am finish this easily, it’ll be a joke.

Though in the end, me inducing her ran myself into a corner.



Having received my taunt, Makoto quickly sinks her face down at once.

From the tip of my penis rubbing against her throat wall, a pleasure rushes up, causing my waist to involuntarily tremble.

She pulled my penis out and then swallowed it back down.


When she pulls up, she draws my penis with her tongue intertwined. Then in no hesitation, she swallows it to the depths of her throat.

Her movements are awkward, but there is not a speck of indecision. What she lacks in ability she makes up for bringing enormous pleasure.

Bad, bad, bad. As it is, I’ll be finished soon.

Flustered, I quickly extended out both my hands. My body moved quicker than I though.

I pinch the tips of the breasts sandwiching my penis. The nipples were bloodshot erected.


In an instant, Makoto spasmed and stopped. Feeling relieved, I took a deep breath to calm myself.

However, she immediately started again, causing the pleasure to do as well.

I’m pinching, rolling, and twisting her stiff nipples, but Makoto doesn’t stop even in spite of convulsions.

In which case, this is a contest of endure. My mental strength isn’t something to take lig―

“K, Kuu”

The moment she swallowed my penis to the base, an electric current runs up my urethra. Right after that, my lust was vigorously thrown out.

I was intoxicated from the tremendous pleasure.

Haa, well, this is quite fine.

Makoto’s throat bubbling, she then pulled out a few minutes later. Then Makoto, who was stuck at the tip, sucked out the remaining lust from my the urethra.

My body unconsciously trembled at the indescribable pleasure.

Without a second to spare from the flood of pleasure,

“O, Oi, wait a moment.”

Since I had just ejaculated, I was so sensitive that when she suddenly went back at it my body jumped to grab Makoto’s head. However, Makoto swallowed my penis whole, ignoring me, and began to move her head.

“Kuu, I, I said wait a minute!”

It was more agonizing than pleasurable. I wonder if this is how a woman feels after continual climaxes?

This was an unbearable pain.

“I said stop! Oi, are you listening!?”

Obscene sounds came from her mouth as she shook her head. Even when I spoke, her movements don’t stop.

When I grabbed her head helplessly to pull her up, she slid up my penis. However, in one last effort, she stuck to the tip.

“That’s enough!”

Lifting her head with all my strength, a pop came when I finally got her off.

“O, Oi…Makoto?”

The lower end of her tongue, which she stuck out, was wiggling. Makoto, whose tongue was stuck out.

Her eyes were unfocused and saliva dripped from her mouth.

“You went…over your limit for this…”

Makoto was no longer conscious.

I knew she already exceeded her limit from the stopping hell. But really, to have continued even if she would lose consciousness.

“For this…even she deserves praise.”

I exceeded my limit. It simply to say that from the mouth. However, how on earth long could a person actually continue on for?

Makoto showed her performance with her body. In addition to continuing to withstand the desire to climax, she was also enduring the desire to defecate. It wasn’t only that, though. With wanting to satisfy me from the bottom of her heart, she continued to overwork her body that she was losing consciousness.

She appeared to be a boxer that kept fighting even when completely losing consciousness.

Muttering so, I picked Makoto up and left the bathroom.

First, I’ll let her discharge what’s in her bowls in the bathroom. I’ll give the reward after that.

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