Episode Forty-Six | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

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I stood still, troubled as I held Makoto, who was wrapped in a towel, in my arms.

I shouldn’t have noticed. I should’ve just passed right on by even if I did. But I couldn’t help myself after hearing the other person’s reactions, thus I turned around and saw “it”.

The childish girl smelling my shirt was Ogasawara Shizuka.

Did she like my smell? Doubtful, since my shirt had just been washed. The only thing she should be smelling is the detergent.

I know she said it as a joke, but did she by chance fall in love with me?

Well, she was a young girl who had never been scolded before, so it wasn’t unusual for a person like her to have a good impression of someone who gets angry at them for the first time.

Nevertheless, there was a reason behind it. It was punishment for trying to kill me. Which was why her feelings could possibly be a result of the Suspension Bridge effect.

But, forgive me. I’m not interested in a bratty tsurupeta bitch. Satonaka is actually much older than she looked.


Ogasawara Shizuka shook as she tightly held my shirt.

I’ll give you any particular shirt you like. I want to tell her to take anything she wants here, but that’s not important.

After I left the bathroom having wrapped a bath towel around both Makoto and my waist, I carried her out and began to bolt for the dressroom, but the moment I entered the room, I heard a silent shriek.

It was almost a conditional response. Before I could think, I turned my eyes to the person who screamed.

The view reflected into my sight.

Ogasawara Shizuka, who held the shirt up to her face, had her right hand in her skirt. Her underwear was taken down to her knees and vividly showed what she was doing.

In brief, she was masturbating while smelling my shirt.

Did she get excited stealing a glance of me training her foolish big sister?

Due to Makoto and I leaving the room for a bath, she definitely would have calmly thought she could masturbate and take her time.

However, when I suddenly embraced Makoto, her mind probably just short-circuited.

I gave up, even I’m defeated.

This person is a bratty bitch at the height of their adolescence. Moreover, her mind is unstable. If I think of the stability she would have after slapping her, this is it.

It’s possible to say she would be confortable masturrbating, since I couldn’t have particularly seen it.

I wouldn’t have noticed her at all if she hadn’t screamed. She had a good thing going with pretending to sleep, but that ends here.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t do a thing. She could clearly see that she won’t be able to do anything. No, instead of that not being possible, she will take some sort of action.

Something like,”Die! I’ll die and take responsibility!” comes into mind.

But still, the situation is beyond bad. If I had just witnessed her masturbating, it would have ended at being awkward.

However, Ogasawara Shizuka was masturbating to my shirt. She was caught by the owner.

She would be the one wanting to die of embarrassment.

Hugging my shirt, Ogasawara Shizuka was shaking. The next moment, tears were collecting in her dead eyes.

Ah, what will she do? What will she say? Considering it was her, she’ll probably drive herself further into a corner. Nevertheless, if she copes in a perfunctory manner, and is crushed by the mistake she has made, she might, in a bad scenario, impulsively want to die.

Ahaha, what’s with this unbelievably troublesome situation!

Although she’s annoying, I don’t intend to leave the little sis, since I’m making her big sister into a meat toilet.

If anything would happen to her, it will have a big influence on Makoto’s mental state.


Her quivering suddenly stopped with the life leaving her wet eyes.

Shit, shit. It’s just as I feared―

“Die. I’ll die and take responsibility.”

Ah, deja vu.

It feels like I was in this situation before due to how similar it is.

Smiling with dark eyes, she took out the boxcutter from the uniform she was wearing. Then she extended the shining blade as it made a clink noise.

Again with the boxcutter? How many does she have? Shit, I should have checked and taken her belongings.

No, she could probably even kill herself with a triangle ruler or pencil if she ever wished so. There was no meaning even if I did confiscate her blade.

In the first place, I didn’t think it would happen. I thought that she wasn’t going to try to die anymore.

What on earth happened?

I have to put a stop to this right now―

“Wait, wait, wait, wait! You’re going to die because I saw you masturbating! Even if you aren’t willing to, die after hearing me out!”

Ogasawara Shizuka, who had the blade at her own neck, stopped at my words.

I’m done. Since I’m holding Makoto, I can’t move. If I put Makoto down―no, there’s no use.

Makoto will misunderstand the situation and make it worse.

Makoto was jealous of just being smacked. Assume I put Makoto down and stopped Ogasawara Shizuka. If Makoto wakes up at just the wrong moment, she’ll see Shizuka and I struggling.
As such, a misunderstanding will occur. Besides, even if it’s a perfectly normal misunderstanding, Makoto will definitely go stantly beyond.

In that case, it wouldn’t take a genius to know this will surely develop into a extremely bothersome situation.

To be blunt, I honestly couldn’t care less about what happens to this bratty bitch. However, it would be an issue if she had a troubling influence on her big sister.

That is, um, to make the best meat toilet, uh, it would a hindrance, yeah.

I would never worry about Makoto. It’s absolutely different.

With that said, I approach Ogasawara Shizuka while carrying Makoto.

“Don’t, Don’t get close! I’ll die! I’m serious!”

She threw my shirt to the side to held the knife in both hands, then she positioned herself with her knees up, knife at her windpipe, and started to retreat backwards.

However, her socks slipped due to the floor, so she couldn’t retreat that well. Moreover, her underwear was below her knees, so of course she wouldn’t be able to move as well.

Since she’s retreating in spite of her position, the inside of her skirt has become completely visible.

The smooth, hairless mon pubis is appropriate for a bratty bitch such as her, but unlike the erotic Satonaka, it’s closed. However, her area is glistening from her fluids.

She was completely becoming more of a bratty bitch. The vaginal secretions dripping down indicated the damn tsurpeta becoming an adult.

So, the quick way would be to masturbate. If she were alone, such as in her own room, she can easily get rid of stress.

With me having trained Makoto right in front of her, mainly show that her former big sister was no longer there, a sideffect was making her masturbate.

In short, she’s letting out steam.

However, it seems the medicine probably worked too well. Moreover, she was masturbating to a shirt I didn’t even put on.

I misread this a little.

“Don’t come over! Don’t come over here!”

As she presses the blade to her throat, she retreats backwards. Moving up to her, I slowly shorten the distance.


Bang. She hit the back of the wall and gave a small scream. So, I then stopped as well.

Cornered against the wall with no way of escaping, she shrinks into both her knees and sets the blade to her throat while trembling with a pale face.

Due to her trembling, the point of the knife sinks into her skin,causing red liquid to faintly spread.

‘I see it.”

“In your skirt. What is with that shabby, unpleasant crack showing? I’ll wait until you hurry up and put back on your underwear.”

“…S, Shabby.”

At my words, she quickly looks down, causing me to have no way of seeing her from this angle.

Nevertheless, she suddenly became openly depressed and burst into tears while her words muffled.

She seemed to be shocked at being called shabby.

Well, she is quite the beauty. She has probably never been spoken to negatively, only flattered.

“D, Do you have…no interest in me?”

Tears ran down from her dead eyes as she asked in a sobbing, shaken tone.

“I don’t. You falling into desire of dying isn’t funny at all. Even when your big sister’s heart was completely broken, my training lit this woman’s soul into continuing on the struggle of going forward.”

At my words, Ogasawara Shizuka’s eyes twinkled.

“…Eh? Do you hate how childish I am because I have no chest?”

As soon as she said that, the shaking of her blade wielding hand stops, and her grip loosened. She then tilts her head to the side in curiosity.

Chest, Well, she doesn’t have a big one, but that isn’t a hindrance in particular.

“Something like appearances is trivial. The issues are in the contents. Even being kicked or stepped on, no matter how ashamed one is, or miserable to the point of wanting to die, the woman still has to continue forward to be thoroughly trained and enjoyably sink to the bottom of despair.”

As such, appearance was just irrelevant. There was no need to be beyond pretty, but in an extreme sense, it should be fine if they have a hole.

As she heard me speaking plainly, Ogasawara Shizuka looks at me absentmindedly. That’s alright.

In spite of saying she’ll kill herself with her own mouth, this fellow isn’t going to go through with it after all. She simply acted on impulse due to a fear she didn’t understand, but after hearing me talk, her thoughts on that subject probably disappeared.

“Shizuka, you take your life too lightly. At the same time, you don’t find value in yourself. Even if I were to attack you right now, I believe you wouldn’t even be in distress. After that, you will just move on without resenting me. If I were to train you now, it would be no fun at all.”

“…H, Huh.”

“You have the same self-torturing thoughts as your sister. However, your directions are at a different end. Your life is slightly different as you only thought of one thing. But, what about your sister? In spite of striking her own body, she still doesn’t run away. In short, you’re the weak one.”


Raising a feeble groan, she quickly hung her head in discouragement.

After adding salt to her wounds, she seemed to admit defeat as she couldn’t retort anything after being clearly criticized.

Well, she is a bratty bitch after all. Besides, it’s good that I told her, someone who ignored all their own faults. She may seem like a better partner than Makoto, since she’s easier to control. But that’s boring.

Well if I drop it, she lifts; that’s the basics. If I leave her little sister unattended, it’s clear she’ll enter into a negative spiral.

“Ahh, well, about that masturbation.”


Trembling, she quickly rearranged her posture and pushed down the knife at her throat.

“I’ll, I’ll die! I’ll die in apology!”

“…Now listen.”

“…R, Right. I’m sorry.”

She got depressed when I glared at her.

“Masturbating is popular for bratty bitches like you. You also used my shirt as material, but that’s because of the abnormal situation. Everything you’re feeling is an illusion due to my spanking you and exposing your big sister’s foolishness in front of you. That’s the reason you have feelings for me. It’s a mere misunderstanding.”

Hearing me talk, her ears and face were red hot; her eyes swimming.

She doesn’t necessary need to listen to details. Her brain should somehow begin to understand. It should work when she calms down.

“Also, look at me. Don’t I look like a pervert in a towel at first glance? Moreover, I self-indulgently played with you older sister in the bathroom. So don’t feel down about masturbating to me. You’re in the upper tiers of the world. No need to worry.”

She looked at me, who was shrugging my shoulders while holding Makoto, until her bewildered expression turned into a burst of laughter.

It’s very rude to look at me and laugh. It’s something you can be placed on a hundred years of spanking for, but I guess I’ll overlook it this time.

“Ahh, in regards to your masturbation, you can take something from my room if you like. Don’t worry, since you can take it secretly with your sister. If you soon realize your hallucination, it’ll probably be unnecessary, but you can throw it away when you do.

Face boiling hot as I spoke, she nodded. Then, she put the box cutter back into her uniform pocket.

“T, Then…I shall accept your offer.”

Muttering ass she slowly crept up on all fours. Then she picks up my shirt, which she had dropped on the floor, and then crosses her legs, hugging it tightly.

She’s at the age that easily misunderstands. Even though her heart throbs, and feels tension and fear, her feelings of love are an illusion.

When she calms down, she’ll notice. Until then, I’ll leave her alone.

“U, Um…”

Ogasawara Shizuka, who was hugging my shirt with both her arms, stared at me with a bright face.
“T, Then…do you accept me as a candidate meat toilet?”

Then she said such a thing with a straight face.

“…Sorry, I have enough.”

The words, I’m particularly busy due to your big sister’, were just about to come out of my throat, but I decided to close that box of worms.

“You, You don’t need to give such an unpleased face so openly! Even though I’m like this, I’m so popular that I’ve been proposed continuously to be friends. Since you’re beautiful on another level, you must have a lot of admirers.”

When she raised her voice and adverted her gaze, fidgeting, I heard something snap in me.

My body was shaking. I could feel an anger I had never experienced before surging through me. I desperately held it down.

“I’ll say only one thing. Other than your big sister, there is someone called Satonaka. She never once mentioned my appearance. Never. The thing, The thing I hate the most are sluts who are lured by my appearance. If you understand, never refer to my looks again.”

Ogasawara Shizuka, who shook after noticing my clear atmosphere change, darted her eyes about with a pale face.

I may have suddenly gotten angry, but she could understand why.

This person was an ignorant, bratty bitch. Of course, someone like her would say such nonsense. Calm down. Settle down this anger.

However, when I came across Satonaka at that time, she was much younger. In addition, even if I met Makoto at the same time, I don’t think she would have mentioned my appearance either.

The point is those two possessed different characters and natures.

I was definitely praised at a young age for my beauty. They continued saying I was the spitting image of my mother, the reincarnation of the Goddess of Beauty.

I didn’t mind it at first, but when people looked at me, I began to notice that I wasn’t seen as a man.

Then, I came to long for my older brother’s reputation; the handsome but robustly masculine man.

However, there was an overwhelming wall there.

The neighboring women made me dress up and said they wanted to keep me forever as a pet with lust upon their faces. On the other hand, the women looked at my big brother with love in their eyes.

I wanted to be seen as a man. As such, I changed the way I addressed myself, from ‘boku’ to ‘ore’. I acted crude on purpose, to show off my manliness.

However, the women simply saw me as trying desperately to be something that I wasn’t and jeered, ”Adorable!”

That isn’t it. Even if you say that, I’m not happy at all. I’m a man. I wanted to be a strong, intellectual man like my brother.

Then there came a day of my third year in elementary school that I would never forget. Several girls from the sixth grade kidnapped me in the middle of my journey home and brought me to an unfamiliar house.

They held both my hands and feet down, stripped off my clothes in exchange for women’s, and then took pictures. Unceasingly.

I was beginning to give up due to the shaking fear that sank in, but then my brother jumped in and saved me.
If my brother hadn’t come then, I’m pretty sure I would have been toyed with. I’m disgusted just remembering it.

I’m not a doll. Even with this appearance, I’m a man.

Ever since then, my character took a drastic change: I developed an antipathy towards women who were charmed by my appearance. Then, I became interested in women who were not.

I met Satonaka a while after. That person’s eyes didn’t change when seeing me. She remained gloomy.

I am a man. No matter what anyone says, I am a man. I am a carnivorous man that looks like an herbivor. I’m a pervert that makes sexual outlet meat toilets from women.

Every man is a pervert. So, if I can say as a pervert, I am a man.

Imagining the foolishness of Makoto in the bathroom, I concentrated on my lower body. My penis that had once lost its strength now began to rise.

“See! My thing is now erected! Even without looking for it, you’ll see it! Every man is a pervert, but I am beyond that! In other words, I’m a man of men!”

“Eh!? Ah, no, that.”

“If you get this, don’t you ever mention my appearance! Now, follow! I’ll show you how much of a pervert I am!”

‘Eh!? Ah, okay!”

Stood up in response to my words, she then fell down having forgotten her underwear was at her ankles.

Then once she quickly put on her underwear, she flusteredly stood up.

“U, Um, am I a meat toilet candidate!?”

Quickly standing up next to me, she uneasily looked up at me and raised her voice.

“Be quiet, brat bitch! Masturbating is enough for a kid like you! As if I’d want a hairless brat like you as a meat toilet! You, fucking idiot, are a monkey that gets extremely excited when watching her big sister’s foolishness!”

“Y, Yes! Is this neglected play!? I know it!”

“Aah!? Why are you selfishly twisting this as a play!? Shut up and follow me! I’ll slap your ass if you say something again!”

“Pl, Please!”

“…Now I won’t. I’ll drive you from my room if you say something like that again.”

“I’m, I’m sorry! I got carried away! I’ll be careful from now on!”

Ogasawara Shizuka quickly puts her skirt back on, her expression and posture tighten, and then came back to my side. She then looked at me with a bright smile.

I looked at her with reproachful eyes.

“Alright! I understand it exactly!”

“….Then go if you have.”

“If Makoto is the normal meat toilet, then I’ll become my own meat toilet. If recognized, I intend to aim for a direction where I’ll be a convenient meat toilet!”

“…You don’t get it, you really don’t.”

“It’s alright! I understand it properly!”

“You aren’t listening…”

While giving a full smile, her bright red face nods. If she’s as self-absorbed as her sister, she doesn’t really understand my intentions anymore.

But well, it’s good she has a purpose. If she suppresses her bad habit by becoming engrossed in something, it will have a good influence on Makoto.

If that happens, Makoto’s training will advance smoothly. It’s just because of my desire to make the best meat toilet, not because I’m thinking of her sake. Absolutely not.


I enter the bathroom and make Makoto sit down on the western style toilet. Ogasawara Shizuka, who was standing beside me, stares at her with a blend of tension and excitement.

“What are you going to do?”

After setting the passed out Makoto down on the seat, Ogasawara Shizuka nervously asked.

“Ah, I gave your older sister an enema in the bathroom. It’s about two cups of hot water from a special tool. Since she endured it so wonderfully, I’m letting her release it now and giving her a reward.

“Hi, Hiya!? …That’s amazing.

Surprised, she looks wide eyed at Makoto and me alternately. If she’s surprised at such a thing, it’s impossible for her to become a meat toilet. This is why a bratty bitch is useless.

“There is nothing to be surprised about. Look at this well.”

Saying that, I raise Makoto’s leg, causing her to shape in an M position on the seat. As a result, her secret place was exposed without spare.

‘It’s very wet…”

Seeing the amount of fluid continuing to overflow from Makoto’s crack, she swallowed her saliva as she bent herself at Makoto, starting with a bright red face.

“Idiot, this isn’t that amazing.”

Her anus has tightened a lot, but it wasn’t to a point where a finger couldn’t enter.

“When a person faints, their muscles relax. As such, the appliance inserted in her anus should have normally fell down. But look, your big sister faithfully followed my order even when she fainted.”

When I stimulate her anus by the tip of my index finger, her body jumps.

“She fainted, but your big sister’s anus is unconsciously being tighten. You won’t be able to do it if you wanted to. Your mouth is nothing but different from a grown up’s.”

“I, I don’t understand it that well, but as expected of Aoi-san. You have a different view.”

Squatted down beside me, she nodded while staring earnestly at her anus.

Even though she doesn’t really get it, she somehow gets the idea.

“The rubber tube in her anus? There is a suppository tool right in there. It’s to inject liquids inside, but it also flowing. That’s why I’m pulling it out now.”

Makoto looked confused at the muttered voice, causing her to turn her melted eyes to it. Upon such, her eyes immediately opened wide.

“Eh!? Shizuka-san!? H-How!?”

Stiff, Makoto’s eyes turned white in confusion as looked at her sister who was squatted down next to me,

Well, that’s normal. Her memory breaks off at the bathroom, and now she noticed her here. It would be unreasonable to say she shouldn’t.

“Calm down, Makoto. Shizuka knows everything. She’s here knowing it. However, don’t worry. I have no interest in the bratty bitch, so I won’t lay a hand.”

“Regretfully, though.”

Shizuka dishearted added to my words I spoke to Makoto.

“I, I’m not worried about such a thing! Not at all!”

Makoto got straight up with her leg position tighten and then grabbed and pulled the end of the bath towel around her body. She’s now trying to cover her secret place.

However, due to forcibly pulling off her towel too much and became completely nude.

With her whole body burning red, she covered herself with the towel, which came off, and looked down.

She then apologized to Ogasawara Shizuka.

Why is she feeling shy? Can she really not be a meat toilet in front of her sister?

I assumed you would be to some extent, but this reaction goes beyond that.

It’s really interesting.

I thought the bratty bitch to be nothing but baggage, but if used properly, I may be able to induce her shyness to the limit.

“I changed my mind.”

Muttered to myself, I grin while looking down at Ogasawara Shizuka.

“Shizuka, this is a bargaining point. If you obey my instruction, I may especially show you the training. “

“Eh? I thought you said would show me unconditionally until now. If this is a bargain, I request one thing―”

“N, Noise complaints. If you hate it, leave.”

“I was lying, lying! I will go along with your directions!”
She quickly stood up and nodded her head as her waved her hands in agreeance.

Tsk, you should’ve said that from the start. This is why I hate cheek little bitches.

“With that said, Makoto, let out the contents in front of your sister.”

Having a dark smile floating on me, Makoto gave a cramped smile in return.

Her younger sister’s eyes brighten, full of expectations.

At a loss, she returned her eyes to me and nodded.

She would also understand, Her younger sister has began to rapidly change.

“I haven’t seen Shizuka-san being so hopefully like a child in a decade. In an instant. You really are…a magician.”

“It’s a mistake to make me out as a magician.”

To my mutter of an answer, Makoto laughed.

I’m not a magician. I’m an outrageously savage, perverted villain. I grasp at the weakness of women and volubly deceive them to turn into meat toilets.

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