Update Five

So…Qwaz and Xant told me to post this and this in order to explain it quicker

Anyway, for the written version the author of My World Guidebook apparently deleted his series off of syosetu.  I only found out about this recently and still have no idea why. His page also doesn’t seem to work so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In addition to that, I did not save any of the other chapters either! So I even if I wanted to finish a series that would never eventually be completed, which I do not, I wouldn’t be able to.

I’m really upset about this, since it seemed like very promising series, but what can you do?

In order to fill the void, I think I’ll be doing The Lovelife Starts from the First Wedding Night to fill the void. I’ll also be trying my damn hardest to make it bi-weekly.

In other short news, I officially dropped Erogacha. I never really liked the series, and with the way it’s going so far (took a pick…), I will never enjoy it. If someone wants to take it over, by all means, knock yourself out.


3 thoughts on “Update Five

      1. archive.org accepts people submitting stuff to them. So translators should use their translators meeting to submit there – as well as commenters and anonymous readers!


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