Episode Forty-Seven | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

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Makoto squatted down on the Western styled toilet, her fully exposed back turned towards us.

“M, Makoto, doesn’t this make you embarrassed?”

She asked Makoto with her face flushed red and her hands upon her chest.

“I, It isn’t that I like it. T, This is….This is, um, because Aoi-san ordered me… so I have to do it.”

Not only is she exposing this humiliating appearance in front of her, but she’s just as embarrassed.

Makoto took a quick peek at me as she continued to buckle.

She’s doing this to follow my order. This excuse requires my approval.

As I had expected—Makoto can’t even go over that line with her younger sister here.

It’s outrageous to shift the responsibility of one’s meaningless excuse to their master. I would originally have given a severe punishment, but in order to make a more flexible yet shameful training, it would be better to maintain this situation.

This was due to my order. If she passes it onto me, she’ll be able to follow the orders in front of her dear sister.

To sum up—she can enjoy herself more if I create a backdoor. That means it would be convenient for me as well.

“Yes, Makoto knows what will happen if she ignores an order of mine. Shizuka, you’re also ordered to have courage.”

Makoto nodded to my words.

“What happens if an order isn’t fulfilled?”

Ogasawara Shizuka, who was looking at Makoto while bright red, quickly turned to me, confused.

It’s been decided that when an order has been violated.

“Then severe punishment is given.”

This person. She doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson since she had her ass slapped. Rather, she reallys want it again.

So needy. It’s annoying that she awoken to a strange, new fetish.

“Shizuka, just letting know that you have no obligation to follow my orders. The reason you’re here is because of a mutual interest. Therefore, if you betray an order, I won’t punish you. If you’re no longer any use to me, I’ll just send you away.”


“So, it’s useless to go against an order with the intent to get punished.”

“I was seen through!?”

As I glared at her, she quickly turned away.

It’s just what I thought. Or rather, I had an almost absolute belief it was true, but this person really does want it.

Makoto also wanted to be punished as well. Though it’s not like your typical masochistic desire; she just wants to feel alive by stimulating her numbness.

Ogasawara Shizuka’s thoughts were also along these lines, yet somehow it’s quite different .

In any case, I had slapped her ass mercilessly. Remembering that fear and pain would scare most people senseless.

However, she calmly presented her ass not that long ago. Not only should she still be feeling pain, but her buttocks should be swollen. Nevertheless, this person doesn’t show a even a hint of hesitation about her ass being slapped.

Dangerous. If my guess is right, then Ogasawara Shizuka is ‘the “real deal”. My heart is whispering to me that a very dangerous monster is sleeping within her.

She took her own life lightly. Moreover, she wished to die at the hands of her very own sister.

This means her two desires corresponded with each other.

Only a true masochist would want to die by the hand of her sister.

But that’s not all, for it takes an ultimate sadist to want to forever restrain her sister with murder.

Both seem to tend a little towards masochism by accomplishing tasks at the cost of their own bodies, but this person isn’t just that.

She herself might not notice, but she has an unusually deep attachment towards her sister.

Even though she’s been tormenting her, it was to make her pay attention to her. In other words, she wants to bound together with her sister.

Fortunately, the person doesn’t seem to know. Then as a bonus, she now depends on me due to a misunderstanding.

You need to use the reigns when there’s a sleeping beast like this, but that’s impossible for Makoto. That is obvious upon seeing her current state.

Since that’s the case, I have no other choice.

“Shizuka, what is your job?”

“I, It’s to give a play by play of the events! My duty is to make the training more worthwhile from now on!”

Bright red, her voice rose as she answered my question.

Yes, I gave her that order. In exchange for observing the training, she has to explain every detail of Makoto’s ridiculousness.

It’s a bit too dangerous of a bet, but it’s the same if I do nothing. I simply want to prevent the built-up negativity from exploding.

With that, her “devotion” to her sister, which is the most dangerous part of her, should slowly turn into a ”devotion” to her physical pleasure.

No matter how much of a monstrous little bitch she is, the second she knew the sweet pot of pleasure, she has only become  a bratty bitch.

However, I’m also using her fascination with me.

By letting her watch the training sessions, I raise her awareness to sex. In any case, she was lost masturbating to a shirt I didn’t even put on. If I were to show Makoto’s face during all this, it should further stimulate her interest in it.

Sexual awareness, in other words, leads to an interest in the opposite sex. Then, once she notices her feelings for me were a mistake, she should quickly rebound to someone else.

All problems will be solved the moment she gets a boyfriend. I pity the boyfriend that has to put up with this little bitch, but I be can’t bother with her.

Until then, I’ll broadcast the training to incite Makoto’s shame.

This is indeed the very definition of killing two birds with one stone. Just as one would expect of me. I don’t leave a gap open the second time.

“A, Aoi-san, you serious?”

Body trembling, Makoto turned to our exchange and asked with teary eyes.

She hates having her little sister to see her like this, isn’t it? It’s really interesting seeing you embarrassed in such a way. This made me completely hard.

“Of course. I won’t accept any objections.”


From now on, not only will she be exposing herself to her sister, that very person will also be speaking of every little detail. Her embarrassment will be unimaginable.

She’ll need to change her thought process or this will be near impossible for her. She’ll need to prune her shame, as she won’t be able to do as she is needed.

I’m using the little bitch like scissors. This way, she may at least be of some use.

“Makoto, don’t lollygag; take the thing out of your anus. Shizuka, don’t take your eyes off of it. Concentrate until there is a hole. But then again, there already is one.”

I gave a laugh, which made Shizuka looked up, bewildered.

“Is this perhaps…something to laugh at?”

“No, it doesn’t matter.”

“Is your face red?”

“You’re imagining it.”(1)


I felt my face become hot as Ogasawara Shizuka glared at me.

“Now, even though you had said to watch until a hole appeared, the buttocks already has one. Teehee, is that what you call a one man skit? Is it better to laugh? If you told me to laugh, should I?”



“…I’ll give you anything you want later, so let this go, please.”

“Yay! Okaaaayyy! I’ll let it go!”

With a jolly laugh, she squatted down happy. There was a sharp ache in my stomach as I looked at her.

Did she know what I meant when I told her to get over it?
Is this person a completely different kind of idiot to Makoto? She’s not Makoto, who is a moron that rummages to strange thoughts, but also has a high understanding as her one redeeming quality. But despite being rather honest to the point of having unpredictable thought patterns, Ogasawara Shizuka isn’t as skillful at reading the atmosphere like Satonaka.

To put it simply—she’s really slow.

There wasn’t a danger of having major burns when both Makoto and Satonaka had the same mentality.

“Anything…Aoi-san, Shizuka-san is your favorite, isn’t she…”

My heart leapt out due to that subdued mutter. I timidly turned my head forward and saw Makoto glaring back from atop the toilet.

The stomach pains suddenly dug in, as a cold sweat slowly dripped my back.

“N, No…Makoto, I, um, I was saying―”

“A while ago, I was seen doing something bad by Aoi-san.”

As I lowered my eyes to the voice that interrupted mine, Ogasawara Shizuka, who was on the floor and holding her knee, was facing away, laughing.

Unpleasant. Her laugh is unpleasant.

“O, Oi, what did you say―”

“Then, it caused the thing down there to grow. Even though he has you for a girlfriend, he appears to lust after me.”

“Wai, Wai, Wai―”

“Is it not a lie? I didn’t say a lie, right? Aoi-san?”

Ogasawara Shizuka quickly turned towards me and gave a mischievous laugh.

She didn’t say a lie. It’s true that I was fully erect in front of her, but I was imagining Makoto to make a point.

However, when looking from another point of view, anyone would take what she said at face value.

Whatever the situation was, I witnessed Ogasawara Shizuka masturbate and then got aroused with her there. Without any context, the third party has the right to think I’m a pervert.

“I don’t particularly mind being attacked, but with Aoi-san holding you in his arms, naturally he couldn’t. It was regrettable.”

Once she finished speaking, with a smirk, she stuck her tongue at me.

At that moment, I felt a dark presence, which caused me to quickly turn around. Upon turning, I saw Makoto very clearly glaring at her sister.

This was the first time I saw Makoto angry.

“Even though you’re just a tsurupeta…”

A vein rose on her sister’s head after hearing her mumble.

“Huhhh? Did I mishear? I have a feeling something very rude was just said, huh?”

She stood up and looked at Makoto with a smile.

Her face was smiling, but she was clearly anger.

“S, Something like that.”

Having seen her intimidating smile, Makoto’s body quickly dropped, but then turned me in spite of pulling back. In that moment, Makoto tightened her expression and then glared right back at her with teeth clenched.

“E, Even if you are my opponent, I won’t draw back…”

Her voice was shaking. Nevertheless, I felt her glare towards her had an iron will backing it.

“You’re resisting me…even though I’m glad, it’s strange no? It feels slightly lonely…”

Her provoking smile was flipped upside down as the ends of her eyebrows lowered, in which she then placed her head on Makoto’s forehead.

“Sh, Shizuka-san?”

Thinking she would be hit, Makoto closed her eyes tight before cautiously opening them.

“I’m joking. Aoi-san would never have eyes for me. Makoto knows this as well, no? As such, it’s without question that he got angry at me. Am I wrong?”

To her question, Makoto lowered her eyes, at a loss for words.

“I really am selfish, aren’t I? I want to let you go, but I just couldn’t. Since I wanted to be chained with you forever, I thought about having you kill me. In that case, you would be forever shouldering the crime of having killed me. With that, you wouldn’t ever forget me. However…”

She pulled back, shrugged her shoulders, sighed, and gave a smile. She then looked at me.

“However, it seems I’m indeed the only bad party here.”

Saying that, she picked up her right hand and waved it while sneering at herself.

“I was, well, going to throw myself off a cliff. I was then stopped by Aoi-san, but actually, then I, yes, I guessed I noticed that I was no match for this person. But, that already obvious, isn’t it? He could of just feel down the cliff with me. But, I didn’t want to admit it and then did something stupid…”

Ogasawara Shizuka spoke to her sister while sneering at herself Makoto listened in silence.

“I had thought that in order to fulfill my desire to be killed by you, I had to kill Aoi-san. I was convinced that if this person left, I would get my Makoto again.

Tears rolled down her cheek. Without any end, they overflowed. Her small body, which produced a laugh as if she has given up, somehow shrank.

“Ahaha, laugh more why don’t you? Me killing Aoi-san? Nevertheless, you saw only this person. I surrender. I can’t win. I can’t beat such a person. Moreover, when did you start talking to me normally? When I saw your expression, I realized. I don’t really mind this person. I won’t just be selfish. But the question is: will you forgive me for being selfish?”

As if she was expressing complete surrender, she waved her right hand and gave a smile.

“I have no choice but to give up. I can’t see another way, so I intend to support Aoi-san and your relationship.”

She crossed both her hands on her chest, closed her eyes, and nodded. She appears to understand her selfishness when saying such a thing on her own accord.

When she said relationship, I wanted to give a piece of mind to that bratty bitch, but I held it in.

I’m not in a relationship with Makoto. Makoto is just a meat toilet. I don’t have any feelings for her outside of being tool to handle lust.

However, when handling this little bitch, it’s better to let her think that Makoto and I are in a relationship to prevent the situation from turning bothersome.

In other words, the way things are now is convenient, so I’ll hold in any complaints in my heart.

I then realized that Makoto was being strangely quiet now.

Looking down a bit, I saw she was staring back, dumbfoundedly bright red.

“Twoughter..Mawakoto, and Awoi-shan…Twoughter. Heh, hehe, hehehe.”

She then burst out with weird laughter.

Tsk, the older sister became annoying in the time I was thinking of how convenient this was.

This is where I would like to say “don’t misunderstand”, but if I do that, Ogasawara Shizuka will learn the truth.

Well, the idea of me associating with someone is insignificant. To be blunt, whether the meat toilet can be used is key—nothing else matters.

With that being said, I decided to give top priority to letting her sister’s misunderstanding build.

“Ah, I guess it could be said that Makoto and I are together.”

Makoto’s eyes went wide upon hearing my words. Her body then began to shake, tears built up in her big eyes began to fall, and right then and there she tried to jump right at me from the toilet.

A small shadow came at me.

Dumbfounded, Makoto froze in a jumping frog position. I didn’t know what just clung onto me, so I looked down.

“Since Aoi-san accepted your relationship, doesn’t that also mean Aoi-san became my big brother?”

Clinging onto me, Ogasawara Shizuka had a big smile on her face.



In tune, Makoto and I both reactively raised our voices in a question.

“I won’t get in between you two. However, I’m Makoto’s little sister, so that also means I’m yours from now on as well. In which case, I have the right to depend on you. After all, I’m the little one.”

“Eh? Huh? Shizuka-san? What is this?”

My mind short-circuited from the absurd thing she said without any hesitation.

What in the world is this little bitch talking about? You most definitely are Makoto’s little sister, but you aren’t mine.

When I looked at Makoto, she didn’t seem to be up-to-date with what just happened either, for her eyes were darting about.

“Makoto, calm down. Please listen to me carefully, okay? I never said anything strange, okay? I love my big sister’s boyfriend like an older brother. Don’t you think that’s something amazing? Aoi-san is your boyfriend. I accept that. Alongside that, I love Aoi-san like a real brother. Okay? There’s nothing bad about that, no? You see? Makoto?”

Staring at her sister while clinging onto me, she spoke politely. With that, Makoto’s eyes began to swirl.

Mind guidance? She seems to know that Makoto is weak to these sorts of tricks. As one would expect, she’s indeed the younger sister.

As for what she said, it may be unusual, but isn’t it also reasonable? All she’s saying is that she loves her big sister’s boyfriend like a real brother.

However, there definitely has to be a catch. It doesn’t take much to know that she intends to break in between Makoto and I.

This is bad. Makoto is more likely to get that it’s a lie without saying anything.

“W, Wauu…Aoi-san is Makoto’s boyfriend. Shizuka is Makoto’s younger sister. So with her being the younger sister…I don’t understand that well, but I have a feeling it’s a bit muc―”

“Don’t be deceived, Makoto! This is the little bitch’s fool speak! Calm down!”

I suddenly burst out as Makoto was being overwhelmed.

“Aoi-san, how cruel. I’m not deceiving anyone here. I’m only here to support you and my sister’s relationship…”

Ogasawara Shizuka looked up at me, and then quickly fleeted to Makoto with tears gathering in her eyes.

“I mean, Makoto, if you think about the future, wouldn’t it be better for Aoi-san and I to be on good terms? If you two got married and lived together, then you can love Aoi-san all that you want. If you want that, wouldn’t cooperation be necessary? Me being your ally? Huh? It would be better for me to help, no? How about it Makoto…?”

To the sorrow spun words, Makoto’s eyes, which should’ve settled by now, had begun to swirl again.

She was quite the demagogue. She’s not being conclusive, since she’s speaking of a possible ‘what-if’ story. In other words, she’s not lying. She’s making her think of what, but she’s not lying.

“Mwaiarrge, lwiving twogether, with Awoi-san…eh.”

Successfully overwhelmed by her sister’s mind games, she stared at me with a slovenly look.

Tsk, I underestimated the little brat’s shit. This girl understands her sister very well.

If it I deny it now, everything will become a crucible of confusion.

Besides, a human believes in words that are convenient for themselves. No, they try to. In other words, what’s said is―

“Shizuka-san is Aoi-san’s younger sister!”

“That’s it, isn’t it! Isn’t it!The penny has finally dropped!”


As Ogasawara Shizuka jumped up and down while clinging onto me, Makoto scratcher he head in spite of her facing completely red.

Makoto is hopeless. She’s been successfully tempted; that fucking idiot.

Well, whatever the little bitch expects, there will be no issues if I don’t shift off course. Since my intentions are to fully use the little bitch to train Makoto, this isn’t even an inconvenience for me.


Ogasawara Shizuka raised a shout of glee to my mumble, skipping like a child.

“Well then, Shizuka wants to take a bath with big brother!”


Even though she may be delighted, Makoto, who heard those words direct towards me in a mist of confusion, had a stiffened expression.

“B, Bath? Shizuka-san with Aoi-san? W, Wait a minute―”

“Eh? What? It’s odd, but do you perhaps think bathing is obscene?”

“N, No, that isn’t it…but rather when bathing together―”

“Ah, for you to even think of as vulgar! If you bathe with Aoi-san, then the same is expected for me!”

“I, I don’t, I don’t think that’s how―”

“I’m a different case? I just want to wash my big brother’s back. As a little sister, that is.”

‘Uu…I’m sorry.”

Being overwhelmed, she couldn’t say anything back and just apologized.

Idiot, fuckin’ treat yourself better.

“With that said, let’s bathe together, big brother―”

“We’re continuing the training.”

She tried to just go with the flow having forcibly knocked Makoto down, but I mercilessly shot it down.

“U, Um…Big brother, I’ll wash your back…”

“If you want to take a bath, then do it. I’ll keep training Makoto. I have to give her a reward. Your order is to live broadcast the training, but I won’t force you. If you don’t like it, leave.”

Her eyes grew teary as I gave her the cold shoulder. She might burst out in a fit at any moment.

Well, it seems to be a nine out of ten performance.

“O, Onii-chan…is your little sister not cute? Even if big brother is cold to Shizuka, she still loves you.”

“Why yes, thank you. Then I shall ask the cute little sister. Will she do what I said or not? Pick between yes or no. Otherwise―”

“…Awhile ago, you said you would grant any wish of mine.”

Pretending like she was gonna cry any minute, she muttered, voice shaken as her eyes appeared to drip.

“…I’ll hear it. However, don’t interrupt the training. If you even appear like a hindrance to my plan, I’ll quickly send you away.”

It appears this will become annoying if I break the promise. However, I cannot let her overturn my dominance here.

“You’ll hear it?”

“So persistent. I said I will.”

When she heard my reply, Ogasawara Shizuka turned to Makoto.

Makoto, who was staring at our convention with a finger to her mouth, she twitches at her sister’s glance.

“Wooooo! Big brother will listen to anything Shizuka asks! Yay Makoto!”

She made a V hand sigh as she had a smile plastered on her face.

“W, Woooo, that’s great, Shizuka-san.”

Makoto jumped on board and did the same exact thing.

“…Fucking idiot.”

I mumbled such as I glared at Makoto.

I have to get a grip.

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(1) Tsundere Kijima-san returning?!


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