Episode Forty-Nine | Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou

The daylight shining through the curtain’s gap began to turn into a dark, red color.

God knows how long I’ve been in this position with heads on lap. It’s made my butt sore.

“Uuun…Aoi-shan, Aoi-shan lweik’s Makoto’s brewsts, hehe.”

Naked underneath the blanket, Makoto’s cheeks were flushed as she giggled, drops of drool falling from her bottom lip.

It seems she’s dreaming of me from the mention of my name. What in God’s name is happening in it?

Incidentally, I’m not denying I like her breasts.

“B, Big brother, t, this is so sudden…I’m not prepared…ahhh”

On my other thigh, Ogasawara Shizuka’s body squirmed.

It seems I’m also in her dream as a big brother. I am quite a busy guy.

By the way, don’t let it happen if you aren’t prepared.

The stupid sisters were smiling. I thought about waking them up several times, but seeing them in such a comfortable, peaceful sleep made me think it better to leave them since it was certainly quieter than if they were awake.

However, I’m also slowly reaching my limit. Staying in the same position gets annoying.

I tried to lift Makoto’s head and blanket quietly, but even though she was sleeping my movements were detected, and she quickly clung tightly onto my thigh.

Though oddly enough, it’s like she’s still sleeping.

Then, when I struggled to get her off of me, Makoto broke into tears with her eyes still closed.

She was trying desperately to stick to me.

“Aoi-shan, dwon’t lweave Makoto…”

I gave a sigh. I have nowhere to go but here. Besides, Makoto is my exclusive meat toilet. Even if I wanted to run, I don’t intend to leave you behind.

“Calm down. You’ll always be my pet.”

As I bent over and whispered in her ear, Makoto’s face lift in relief as she separated her hands from my thigh.

I then lifted Makoto’s head and moved it onto the blanket.

“”B, Big brother, you mustn’t! You have a special girl―”

“Shut up little bitch. Roll over.”

Ogasawara Shizuka was wiggling and panting on the other thigh. I then pushed her off.

Then, as she came closer to the floor, she landed on all fours like a cat and then started to brace herself.

Are you going to follow up with a jump? Her eyes are closed, but this fellow, isn’t she awake?

“Big brother! I said you mustn’t touch me!”

“Then don’t get close to me, fucking idiot!”

I caught her head with one hand when she kicked herself off of the floor and leaped towards me.

Teeth clenched, she then slightly opened her eyes.

Was she actually pretending to be asleep?

She reached out with both hands and grabbed my jacket.

“B, Big brother, S,Shizuka only wanted to give you a little bit of service!”

‘I’m grateful, but that’s enough!”

I grinned as she tried to push forward with my hand keeping her in place.


I suddenly released my hold on her and moved to the side, causing her to cry out in surprise.

“Ah, Ahbuu―ahhh!”

Her head was coming closer to the wall due to my dodge, but her body came to a sudden stop.

She paused for a minute due to the shock but then opened her eyes timidly.

The wall is right there. She’s taking a second to process what just happened, as her eyes are darting back and forth in confusion.

I had grabbed the back of her blazer.

All this had happened in the moment I dodged.

Well, she was quite predictable. If she fell forward like that then catching her isn’t a problem, however, if it were trickier then it would be a completely different story.

Satonaka could easily do something like that.

“Someone will get lonely if anyone leaves, so take them into consideration for a bit.”

“Eh? Wa? Consider who?

“Your big sister.”


Dangling from her uniform, she appeared confused. Makoto then rolled over to her.

“W, Wai―? What!?”

She immediately tried to get up, but she just struggled due to being pinned.

“Ueeeee, Aoi-shan…huh? Tiny Aoi-shan?”

You, you’re mistaken! Makoto! I’m Shizuka! Let, let me go! Big brother, let me gooo!”

All she could do was continue to struggle.

Make no mistake, that doesn’t mean she’s out of shape, but athleticism doesn’t seem to be in her skill set. As such, the older sister’s simplest movements overwhelmed her.

It’s impossible to sneak away from an unconscious Makoto.


She attached her hands to the back of the uniform as she touched it. She then licked the back of her neck.

“Hiyaaa!? Wh, Where do you think you’re touching! Licking my neck―ahiayayayaaya, that ticklessss! Makoto! Wake up Makoto―ahiayayayayaay!”

Even though she’s laughing, she’s also squirming in resistance.

Is she really asleep? Then again, since she wouldn’t have done this if she were awake, she really might be.

But making her younger sister a toy to continue faking her sleep is itself worth merit.

The frequent anger I’ve had with this cheeky, little son of a bitch is well repented.

“It’s said to be impolite to get in between sisters, so I’ll see myself out.”

Squatting down right in front of Ogasawara Shizuka, I gave a refreshing smile.

“W, Wait! Big brother, wait! Help―hiyaaaa!? S, Staphhh, ah, Makoto, please don’t touch me there―hiyaaaaa!”

“Munyayaya, Aoi-shann…chiiiaaaa”

“Hiyaa!? Let go! Don’t lick that―ahh, kuu, ann, hyannn, don’tttt―ahh, ah, ahhh”

Makoto’s tongue twined around Ogasawara Shizuka like a octopus, causing her to moan.

She was hesitant to explain it aloud. So in desperation, she begged me to.

While looking at that, I gave a nod and turned away.

“We’re both girls, we mustn’t―Big, Big broth―ahh, funnn, help―naaa, wauu, ah, ah, ahhh, hiii.”

I heard a death scream from behind, which then gradually turned into a moan. I could also hear sounds of water splashing.

“Let me see, is the roof leaking? It shouldn’t be raining, though. Or is the water faucet dripping? That isn’t good. I have to go check.

Nevertheless, this is amazing. The harmonious sisters who depend on each other deeply have intertwined. Nothing should get between them.

Meaning the hindrance should quickly go away.

“Bye bye. I’ll be back in two hours.”

I began to shake my right hand as I wake away from the two.

“T, Two hours!? B, Big brother! Big brother help! If you leave me like this for two hours―hi, ah, kuun, ahhiiya, hiuuu”

“Hmm hmm…Aoi-shan…chiyyyy”

To my kind regards, Ogasawara Shizuka gives a delighted cry.

Doing so many nice things makes me feel quite refreshed.

“Demon! Big brother is a demonnnnnnnn―hiaaaa, ahaiii”

I left the room as she gave a squeal.

Don’t be too excited at my two hours proposal.


The sunset dyed the sky dark red.

I felt skipping my school would be bad in the daytime, but in the afternoon there’ll be no problem.

“I’m just a little underdressed….”

It seemed to be mostly sunny today, but as the sun began to drop, so did the temperature.

Meanwhile, the only things I have on are a thin, white sweater and jeans.

It wasn’t a problem inside, but it’s colder out here.

“However, I don’t want to go back up. Well, what are they up to?”

The little bitch is at a disadvantage, but will she enjoy herself, or will she torment her to turn the tables?

Either way, it’ll be interesting.

Thinking that, I hummed a tune as I headed to the convenience store.


I didn’t go to the store  I normally go to. Instead, I went to the one that was a little closer to the Ogasawara family.

It’s where the guy that gave me an anpan and canned coffee is at.

It takes a little while to get there, but I have the time.

I arrived and then went to the magazine section.

I didn’t know the clerk over on the other side of the counter

The guy was stationed at nights, but I guess it changed.

I expressed my thanks when I left in the morning, but if it was possible I wanted to express it more by occasionally buying stuff here.

It’s slightly disappointing.

I got in front of the magazine stand, took a teen fashion magazine, and flipped through it.

It’s all just for foreplay, but I need to research to see which clothes I want to put on Makoto. It’s unlikely she looks through these sort of things, so if I don’t give her clothes, she just has her uniform.

“Huh, a mini is too much for Makoto. Rather, she’d look good with a skirt you can or cannot see her knees…”

Skimming the special feature on mini-skirts, I saw models posed in similar skirts.

All of them seem to have confidence in their beauty, which made them look clearly conceited.

But, well, no matter how beautiful one is, it wouldn’t show on the photo if they were timid.

Perhaps this sort of personality does better in this sort of work.

Makoto is a good example. Makoto is beautiful enough that she wouldn’t be defeated by these models, but she wouldn’t be able to fill her expression with confidence.

In this case, the little bitch seems like she has some possible experience as a model. Her self-awareness to her cuteness makes her cheeky.

But then again, even if the little bitch was in a magazine, nobody would buy it.

“That’s right…a moderate amount of exposure is preferred.”

In spite of the fact I’ll eventually make her get naked, starting with dignified but somewhat revealing clothes would be nice.

Flipping through the magazine again, a picture caught my eye.

The smiling girl had long, wavy chestnut hair and a pink dress sweater.

The sweater is what caught my eyes, but the model isn’t that bad either. She has a beautiful atmosphere, unlike the other models.

“Heh, she’s at another level above the rest…”

From her gentle looking smile, it didn’t feel like she was the common high and mighty model. It was like her soft air was lifting her up.

It’s odd, but I thought she was similar to Makoto.

“What is her name? Umm, Saho Sugiura, an amateur model? Huh? Sugiura? I have a feeling I heard this name from somewhere…”

Sugiura, Sugiura? It’s like I’ve heard it from somewhere, but I can’t remember. It may resemble the name of a student in my high school. I might be just thinking I know it.

“Well then. Can I buy this sweater from the catalog? It wouldn’t be in a store around here…”

It’s probably written in the magazine. In any case, I’ll buy this magazine and a can of coffee.

I headed to the counter, placed the items on the counter, and then reached to my jean back pocket. I then paused.

I don’t have my wallet. I forgot to bring it when I left.


To my sudden stop of the moment, the female assistant looked at me in confusion.

What do I do? My apartment is quite far away, so temporarily going back would be difficult. Furthermore, for just a magazine.

A teen fashion magazine is normally read by girls, Having a man buy it appears suspicious, which is why I have to buy it confidently.

But even so, I left my wallet…

What do I do? This is really embarrassing.

“U, Um…customer?”
The clerk continued to look confused.

A cold sweat crept along my cheek. I have to say it. I have to say I’ll be back because I left my wallet. I really have to, but I can’t gather the strength due to embarrassment.

I hate this. I’m a man among men. I can’t stomach the thought of avoiding the convenience store because of such effeminate reasons of embarrassment.

However, with no wallet I can’t buy anything, In other words, I have no other choice.

If only someone I knew came at this moment.

No, if someone came they would see what I was about to buy, which would cause another problem even bigger than not coming to this store anymore. They’ll sink to the thought of me having a tendency to crossdress.

If I had a little sister I could use her as an excuse, but unfortunately I don’t have―

Wait a minute, little sister? Goddamn It, it reminds me of that sassy little animal.

Then again, I’ve had various of problems with Makoto. Or rather, I don’t just see a future growing worse when I think of her. In that point the little sister is respectable. If I order her to bring a wallet, she will do it obediently.

Even after that fight, there is a possible of making a bargain.

I decided to give her a call.

“E, Excuse me. I’d like to buy some other stuff, so could you wait a second? Ah, can I also use the restroom?”

“Y, Yes, that’s alright.”

The clerk gave a smile when I finally started moving to the bathroom.

‘Telephone! Where is my telephone?”

I entered a private bathroom and placed both my hands in my pockets.

“Oi, impossible…it’s a lie.”

No matter how much I rummaged through my pockets, I couldn’t find my cell phone.

Feeling the blood draining from my face, I staggered against the wall.

“Ha, Haha…I also left my cellphone.”

Just after I wanted someone to find me, now I don’t want to be seen.

I should’ve normally known that if I left my wallet, my phone would also be.

But since the phone was my only hope, I didn’t want to notice.

What do I do? No, what I do isn’t a question. I have no choice but to confess that I left my wallet and leave.

I won’t be able to use this store anymore, but that’s fine.

Giving a big sigh, I left the bathroom and went to the counter without raising my head.

I returned quickly.

The clerk had a smile with her cheeks slightly flushed.

Did she really see through me? Does she know I left my wallet already?

My behavior is certainly doubtful. Even if you notice, it’s not amusing. Nevertheless, she was smiling with her eyes closed.

It may be stupid, but it’s a lot better than cold, clear eyes.

It may be hard to speak to such a smile, but I have to.

Mind made up, I gave a deep breath and looked right up at the clerk.

“U, Um―”

“Payment with a card, please. It’ll be all together with this.”

When the clerk opened her eyes, they went over my head. Then I heard a voice from behind. Several items and a card were put on the counter.

Even if I didn’t look, I knew from the voice.

“Excuse me, but is this card perhaps not useable?”

I again heard the voice that was talking to the clerk.

“I’m, I’m sorry! Of, Of course you can use it!”

Face bright red, the clerk seems to have broken into a fluster.

As a result of her severe embarrassment, she bowed with the bag in her hand, and then began to pay the difference.

“If you’re worried about something, won’t you talk to your big brother? If you call, big brother will come like the wind.”

The top of my head was gently stuck as a calm voice followed. When I slowly looked back, my big brother was smiling.

Why is he here I thought about it for a moment, and it’s because Makoto apparently met him this morning. I suppose he would’ve been nearby.

However, this was so sudden that my mind couldn’t catch up. If he hadn’t met her…this was lucky, though.

I have to say it..Should I settle it? I need to be honest.

“Th, Thanks a lot. You saved me. Big brother…”

While looking up at him, I said it, but from embarrassment, I quickly turned away.

“How many years has it been since you thanked me? Your big brother is happy…”

His tone was calmer than usual. However, it caused to be to tremble a bit.


Without humiliating myself, I was able to peacefully walk out of the convenience store with my brother.

My brother, who was saying nothing as he walked beside me with a grin, was wearing a different suit and jacket from when I last saw him,

I have to say something. Due to the tough decision of being honest, I have to settle the past, even if it’s just a little.

But in spite of being up to it, I don’t really know what to say.

During my thought process, we arrived in front of an unusual park.

What is this park? We’re way out of my apartment area, so I’m not really sure.

I may have passed that area on some level, but I don’t go out this far to know the area.

“Aoi, do you have time? If so, I’d like to speak with you. Is around this park fine?

My brother paused and looked directly at me.

In embarrassment, I turned away and gave a silent nod.

“If you have something to do, we can do it another time…”

My brother gave a worried tone.

“I, It’s fine….”

I forced a smile with my reply.

“I, In that case…”

Facing the other way, his voice trembled and we began to enter the park.

He would usually turn away and smile saying, ”That’s good.”

Is he perhaps angry? Angry because I didn’t answer precisely? Maybe I gave attitude?

No, it’s impossible for my brother to get upset over that. But even if there was a possibility, the anger he would have slowly gathered from me would cause him to explode right then and there.

In a hurry, I dashed right behind my brother.

If I were stubborn, I could’ve made an excuse and ran away, but honestly, I’m uneasy.

When thinking about how he looked at me, I become afraid.

Becoming honest is difficult.


The park was much wider and had a lot more different kinds of trees than I had thought. That may be the reason why it was so hard to see this from outside.

Perhaps I can use this for Makoto’s outside training.

My brother, who’s walking along the garden path, just continued going deeper.

He didn’t stop. He went on silently without looking back.

Chasing him, I looked around restlessly.

The day sky has started to darken. Nevertheless ,not a single shadow is present under the outdoor lamps.

Children do seem to play during the day, but as one would believe, it’s dangerous for them to be out at this hour.

On another topic, normally  it’s Makoto and Satonaka who have to compensate for their shorter legs. In other words, they have to chase after me.

But in this case, my brother is taller than me. In addition to that, he’s speed walking, so even with my desperate trot, it’s like we’re separating.

But in spite of how I may look, I toned this body somewhat. This speed is nothing.


After a while walking in the garden, we arrived at a corner bench in the park after a struggle. A thicket was behind the bench, which also had a fence

This means it’s a place away from public notice.

I think it was designed for couples to flirt secretly.

But now the lamp right behind this bench was lit up.

“Sit down and we’ll talk.”

My brother finally broke the silence with his back turned away.

“Y, Yes.”

I gave an answer as he sat down on the bench.

I then sat down as well, which prompted him to move a bit from me.

Perhaps he’s avoiding me?

There is no helping it. After all, I kept avoiding him for how long.

But in that case, why did he deliberately come and meet me?

Out of pity? Even though I washed my hands of him, his worries about his younger brother so anxiously that he couldn’t leave me alone?

My big brother is kind. Perhaps that’s the reason.

In that case, I won’t chase after him.

As it is, I’m not liking this distance even after not returning the kindness he bestowed upon me.

I pushed him away with a resolve to hate him. But as anyone can see, I just ran away.

After repeating that several times, my brother drove me into a bench corner and now I can’t run.

“A, Aoi…”

My brother, who blocked my escape, called my name while turning the other way, not meeting my eye.

“Y, Yes.”

Even with my decision to stay and listen to whatever he said, I answered tensely.

I hate this forced distance. I could just say I have somewhere to be, but I won’t give up.

Being my big brother for how many years, he continued to greet me even when I avoided him.

Compared to my brother’s pain, mine is useless.

“L, Let’s talk…”

While facing the other way, his voice trailed off.

I held in my desire to say I wish to leave and gave a seemingly adult response.

As expected of my brother, I feel like I can’t win.

“B, Before that, can I go, first?”

I could hear my heart beating. At the same time, the tightness in my chest felt like it would cause me to explode.

Clenching both my hands, I desperately tried to control my breathing. I then reached out with my hand, grabbing onto my brother’s coat.

Nevertheless, he flinched back.

He may really hate me.

“N, Now…Were you going somewhere to visit?”

My voice is trembling. Breathing is difficult. I really want to leave quickly.

I held my breath and swallowed my saliva. I wasn’t getting a reply.

My brother continued looking away.

I could feel him trembling from his jacket. He may just be trying to suppress down his anger.

Was this too convenient as I believed? With going out together like this, I thought the distance between us would shrink, but I have no choice but to accept that it was all too naive.

So I won’t run away. I can’t. So what if he ignored it once, I won’t give up and ask as many times as it takes.

My big brother isn’t any normal person. It isn’t the end when he says no. I’m the only person that has the same blood.

“I, In the past, I remember even now, that you would take me to the amusement park. I, no, I said I hated it, but in reality, it was really fun. S, So, I was thinking perhaps we can go again…. together?” (He changes from his normal way of speaking, ore, to boku. If it isn’t already known, boku is basically a polite way for a boy to address themselves.)

Despite nearly crying, I still held on and said what I wanted.

I forcefully changed the way I addressed myself to become stronger.

But if I want to stop being stubborn and start being honest, I have to go back to when I was.

Back then I used ‘boku’ instead of ‘ore’.

“F, For everything up until now, I’m sorry. Really, I am. I want to be spoiled by you, big brother. I was just running away because I’m weak. I’m sorry. I’ll be honest now. Just like in the past…”

My heart was aching to the lack of a response. But then again, rather than heartache, it’s more like a soul ache.
Tears were just gathering in my eyes without my say, so I wiped them with my left arm several times. However, it just kept on pouring.

I was pitiful sobbing and was still holding onto my brother’s jacket.


Surprised at my brother sudden cry, my body leaped forward.

“B, Big brother!?”

My brother kneels over onto the floor.

B, Big brother! (TLN: Hard to translate, but he first started by address anaki, then out loud he started to say nii-san, then up to here, he says onii-chan.)

I tried to pull him up, but the difference in physiques made it impossible.

As a result, I followed right after him from the bench while holding onto him.

I jumped to his side and shook him several times while crying. However, I had yet to get a reply.

But for some reason his eyes were closed, and he has a refreshing smile on his face as red liquid poured from his nose.

This is bad. Very bad. He might have landed on his head.

Even though my brother’s strength is unmatchable, it’s bad if it’s somewhere vital.

Hospital, we have to go to a hospital―

But I have no phone. I can’t call an ambulance or for help.

Furthermore, this is an awful place. There isn’t a single soul here.

I want to go somewhere that has a phone, but I also can’t leave my brother like this.

Just taking my eyes off to think about the situation made me realise he was twitching.

Why has this happened in spite of my decision to be honest?

But my brother is heavier than he looks, so it’d be better to not move him.

Should I just cry for help? If they heard me scream, they might come.

This isn’t good. I have to just leave him here and go call for help.

I kept down both my trembling hands, let go of my brother’s chest, and got up after taking a deep breath.


“I’m fine, Aoi. I’m fine.”

The moment I was about to scream, my mouth was covered.

“Nmuu! Mumuuu! Nmuu!”

“Calm down, I’m alright. Thanks for worrying.”

Hugging me from behind while covering my mouth, he spoke to me in a gentle, cradling tone.

I was relieved to see my brother got up, but he is still bleeding.

Even though he was awake after falling unconscious from a bad blow, it may just be temporary.

We really do have to hurry to a hospital. There have been cases likes this that caused cerebral damage.

“Nmuuu! Nmuuuu! Nmuuuu!”

I could neither speak nor move due to his hug. Nevertheless, I continued in a desperate attempt.

“I’m fine, I’m fine Aoi. I got this nosebleed from hitting it on the bench. There is nothing wrong, so I beg you, calm down.”

My brother’s breathing was unusual as he said he’s okay. His face also appeared slightly red. I can’t help but be worried if you force yourself like this.

He is continued on, trying to keep me from escaping while also trying to calm me down. We fought like this for awhile.

Then I had a sudden realization. If he can keep on holding me down like this, he may really be fine.

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  1. So basically, it was;

    “F, For everything up until now, I’m sorry. Really, I am. I want to be spoiled by you, aniki. I was just running away because I’m weak. I’m sorry. I’ll be honest now. Just like in the past…”


    Surprised at my brother sudden cry, my body leaped forward.

    “N, nii-san!?”

    My brother kneels over onto the floor.

    “O, oniichan!?”

    Something like that?
    So it’s basically Ore no Otouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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  2. Aoi began to act like a girl here. Well, Aoi is a girl’s name, he looks like a girl, so it wasn’t too difficult to imagine something like this happening. Now, it would be different if this became yaoi and he left Ogasawara, Satonaka and the little sister for his brother.

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  3. its really obvious
    from how his brother acts
    and cute the MC was described (a tsundere trap)
    but these scene really is so funny
    also how the big brother gave excuses from his nose bleed


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