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Makoto clenched her teeth as beads of sweat gently dribbled down her body. Her soft, sweet moans intertwined with her ragged panting.

“It… It came out. Wow, for something so big to have been in there…”

Squatting down in front of Makoto, Ogasawara Shizuka, bright red, mutters as she looks up at her anus.

“Nuuuu―haa, haa. S… Shizuka-san, please don’t look at it too much.”

Makoto shook her head as sweat gushed out of her like an undammed river.

She was overtaken with the desire to run away after having her sister witness her in such a miserable state, but as long as I’m here… there is no escape.


Makoto’s careless reply caused her to lose focus, sending the appliance back up after it had just peeked out.

“Ahhhh, it went back up.”

Shizuka said in disappointment. Meanwhile, Makoto continued to twitch and wave her head to and fro.

As the apparatus went back up and created an overwhelming stream of pleasure to follow, her sister watches,

Despite her sister’s best efforts to stop her from watching, Shizuka continued to stare inconsiderately.

While breathing heavily, Makoto tried her best to close her thighs and cover her breasts with an arm.

Are you really that embarrassed? If that’s the case, then how about I make things a bit more interesting.


“Y… Yes, I’m sorry.”

Makoto twitched upon hearing my voice. She stopped trying to cover herself up and instead apologized.

“For you to be such a naughty child, Makoto…”

“P, Please don’t say that…”

Her body seemed to wither in embarrassment as her sister stared even more intently at her crotch .

Good. I’m here to make Shizuka say embarrassing things to her sister, but it looks like she’s just saying them on her own.

And to add to the embarrassment, Makoto’s shameful area is fully exposed to her sister. Not only that, but her position adds even more to it, almost to the point of perfection.

In addition, it seems this shameless person enjoys looking at her shy big sister

It’s annoying to see her enjoying herself with my meat toilet, but due to her work, I’m enjoying it. So I guess it’s fine for now.

Though the bright red slit between her thighs is covered by a bush, the hair hasn’t grown enough to obscure it.

The sound of water splashing can be heard resonating throughout the bathroom as a viscous liquid overflows from inside her meat and drips down into the toilet.

Such a naughty child. She really had no way of denying it like this. Her word choice was perfectly picked.

“Makoto, that’s enough. Get that thing out quickly. It should be easy enough for you.”

Pretending to be irritated, I raise my voice a little.

Of course, I wasn’t actually angry. To be honest, I’m filled with an unusual excitement that’s making it hard for me to hold in my desires.

“I, I’m sorry.”

She looked at me with eyebrows knitted as tears streamed down her face.

Truly an exquisite expression.

This sight sent a chill up my spine and gave me an erection. I have to be careful; if I relax my guard even just a bit, I fear that I may be knocked out of the fight before it even begins.

I wonder just how embarrassed she is right now? With this and this going on, can she even do anything?

With this thought in mind, I stare at Makoto’s porcelain white body. Though her black hair still retained its glossy black color, her eyes had become dim and droopy. It appeared that this erotic atmosphere was slowly corrupting her.

Her plump thighs, voluptuous breasts, and well-padded bottom were all exposed before my very eyes. I wanted very much to cling to those slender hips with their neat, yet fascinating aesthetic.

But what’s further arousing was her timid nature, which made her seem almost childish. When her eyes met mine, I could feel my sadistic urges rise up from deep within.

Though her body is disproportionate in many areas, like her thick bottom that is somehow connected to a skinny waist, it’s also exquisitely balanced.

As it stands, she’s still just an obscene, clean, and timid girl that shows her foolishness without even saying a word.

She’s finally a girl in accordance to her shy, shaking appearance.

Entrapped in my plan that was hidden under the guise of being for massage practice, Makoto gradually revealed how much of a fool she was as she was continuously embarrassed. She has truly been the best prey I’ve ever had.

It wasn’t long ago that I was babysitting Makoto more than training her, and there were several days that I found myself regretting to the point that I got sidetracked.

I want to cry remembering it.

But now, looking at her exquisite expression in such a shameful state, I can almost forget all the troubles of the past.

At this rate, her destruction power is horrifying.

So after all that daily pain, when I look at her face in this state, it’s so valuable that I can forget everything that has happened.

All of this is because of this fucking, ridiculously impertinent, tsurupeta. Wait a minute, no, I can’t be that convinced. But I will have to deal with it, since it’s the truth.

This little bitch is useful.

“Fuu, fuuu―nfuuuu, nuuuu”

Eyes firmly shut and teeth clenched, beads of sweat continue from bracing herself.

Soon the item took a peek out again.

“Great. It came out again. Is it painful?”

“P, Please don’t say such a thing now―nuuuu”

To her sister’s curiosity, Makoto shook her head.

While she spreads her developed anus open, it reached ⅓ the way out.

However, as soon as she stopped breathing, it went right back up.

“Naaa!? Hiuuu!?”

“Ah, it went in again.”

As Ogasawara Shizuka muttered in disappointment, Makoto was dropping at the edge of her lips, twitching. It looks as if she’s seeing the light.

“It, It came out again…but it went back in. Then it came out…then it went out. Ah, it’s out again.”

“”Dw, Dwon’t lwook―hiaaaaa, it feels so goodddd.”

With her struggles, the item peaked out once more. However, she just stopped at the same spot. This happened over and over, resulting her face to become wrapped in pleasure.

It was clearly intentionally now.

Makoto, who was once showing resistance, now has begun to masturbate in her sister’s view. She officially lost all reason from the small climaxes.

“M, Makoto, you’re a pervert…”

“D, Don’t say that, don’t look at me―aaahhh, noooooo!”

It once again came out, but it also went back all the same. Her expression was also drowned in pleasure as her speed increased.

Staring at the disheveled sight of her older sister, she deemed her pervert in spite of her knees rubbing together.

She’s clearly excited. If you’re like this when looking at you big sister, you’re also an undeniable pervert.

“No matter who sees it you truly are a weird child. Makoto is a pervert.

“I’m swoooorry, I’m sworryyyyyyy―ahhhhhhhhhhh”

Even while her young sister breathes heavily as she throws curses, Makoto doesn’t stop masturbating.

With her right hand at her crotch and her left arm at her breasts, Makoto shook her head back and forth and began to play with her nipples and clitoris.

Liquid sounds were splashing as she pinched her nipples. Then at the same time, Makoto continues to move the apparatus in and out only by her anus. In front of her sister, she climaxed several times like this.

“Does it seem good? Your bottom? Does your bottom feel so good? Hey Makoto, does it feel so good that you became like this?”

Her breath raises in view of her sister, Ogasawara Shizuka gently asked.

“Hiaaaaaa―Aoi-shan, aoi-shannn, it fweells swosh gwoddddddd”

In spite of being asked a question by her sister, she calls my name. She doesn’t seem to be able to hear her sister anymore. Her reasoning has completely collapsed.

“Makoto, hey Makoto, I want to get to that point, too.” Please don’t leave me behind. Please take me there with you. I’m begging you….ah.”

Becoming emotional in face of Makoto’s mad devotion to masturbation, Ogasawara Shizuka quickly puts her right hand on her skirt; It restlessly moves.

Even though she just cursed at her big sister, she now has begun to do as she has.

Her small, delicate body is unlike her sister’s. Her youthful appearance stands out from her sassy, blank eyes.

Her current teary eyes, panting, and childish look made an immoral combination.

It isn’t bad watching such lewd sisters masturbate, but I can’t hold back anymore.

“Shizuka, stop for a minute.”

“Eh!? Ah, this, is.”

Sprung up to my voice, she quick extracts her hand from her skirt and looked back to me.

Her eyes were swimming in distress, she pulled up her right middle finger inside of her skirt, which was now wet.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t have any intentions to criticize you. I’m only saying where you are now is blocking me, so move.”

“Y, Yes.”

Having given a reply, she moved to the side and squatted down somewhere else.

Shouldn’t she be depressed because she masturbates to me? Since it’s the second time this has happened, she doesn’t appear to be that upset anymore.

Well, when taking into consideration that she’s at the height of her pubescent girlhood, it’s a normal reaction. No, if it was normal, shouldn’t she be more flustered?

“You really don’t care about anyone but Makoto, huh…”

When she quickly looked up at me, her head was hung and gave a sigh.

Well, when considering that’s she’s at the height of her pubescent girlhood, it’s a normal reaction. No, if it was normal, shouldn’t she be more flustered?

“You really don’t care about anyone but Makoto, huh…”

When she quickly looked up at me, her head was hung and gave a sigh.

Apparently, she’s not depressed about the masturbation.

I ignored her and got in front of Makoto.

I cannot afford to pay attention to this little bitch. I may have exhausted myself once in the bathroom, but my penis has exceeded its limit. Generally speaking, I can’t stand waiting any longer.

‘Makoto, I’ll remove it.”


I extend my right hand in between her open thighs and grabbed at the tip of the exposed, rubber tube.


The second it was pulled out, the anus was stretched to the size of the apparatus.

Trembling, she opened her eyes wide and gave a sweet yelp.

It happened in a flash. Her anus, which now had become loose, produced enough fluids to fully cover the item.

The anus tightened when the item was pulled out. And―


A piercing scream echoed in the bathroom as liquid quickly gushed out.

Pitifully drooling, her face twisted in pleasure.

,Soon later urine was coming out like a tide.

Having held it in for so long, she finally reached a grand climax. She was now drowning in the pleasure of having both her urethra and buttock bursting.

After a while, the discharge had finished and Makoto leaned forward in exhaustion. I quickly supported her, gently whipped her bottom with toilet paper, and then picked her up

When I turned around, Ogasawara Shizuka, who just saw everything that went down, looked at Makoto both embarrassed and envious.

“For now, we end the play-by-play. Whether you stay here or absorb yourself in masturbation, I don’t care.”

With Makoto in my arms, I left Shizuka with those words.


I laid Makoto down on the blanket in the room.

Her whole body flushed red, she was staring at the ceiling dazedly.

She reached several light climaxs, but it’s been so long since she had one of this size. Additionally, it was one caused by the hot water pouring out from her bowels. I wonder how free she’s feeling now?

“Makoto, would you be able to deal with a larger quantity of enema?”

I sat down cross-legged beside Makoto and asked.

Appearing to not yet be able to move her body from the lingering feeling of pleasure, Makoto turns only her head to the side and looks at me, bashfully smiling.

If she becomes addicted to this liberation, it may come to her doing it on her own.

“On another note, you’re also quite the pervert. Getting excited when your little sister was watching.”
I turned away and gave a small laugh. Then, pretending not to pay her any mind, I glanced back.

Face burning bright red, her eyes shaking.

Everything went away with that big climax, but I brought them all back.

She showed such a ludicrous appearance to her dear little sister. In addition, she even said she was perverted.

Then far from getting depressed over that, she then immersed herself in masturbation.

In the end, she climaxed to the most immoral of things. She cannot excuse herself from the perverted characteristics she showed.

But then again, even though her sister cursed at her, masturbating as she watched makes her a different kind of pervert. But, I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.

Makoto and Shizuka. I feel the power balance between these two will go smooth with Shizuka usually having the reign.

The situation as of now is ideal. since I’m the power relation between Shizuka, the uncrossable barrier, and Makoto, the tall barrier.

However, Ogasawara Shizuka’s existence is like that of a customer. No matter, I don’t pick a fight.

I look around the area anxiously, but she isn’t anywhere. Is she still in the restroom?

She may be absorbed in masturbation while using Makoto as material.

This is perfect. This is just the place where I wanted to have concentration, too. Should I start before I’m quickly interrupted?

“Makoto, open up your legs. I’ll check if your anus is really clean.”

I redirect my eyes back to Makoto and coldly told her what to do.

Tears in her eyes, she nodded and opened her thighs while shaking.

It appears I had hit a sore spot.

Nice. Makoto becomes an ordinary girl just with the key word,’little sister.’

Ogasawara Shizuka is useful after all. She certainly is quite the annoying little bitch, but it may be better to tame her in order to raise her operability.

She grabs and raises both her legs, causing her secret area was exposed. Then with her buttock being lifted, her fluctuating anus was revealed.


I then got up, moved in front of her secret area, and squatted right down.

“I, I…now can’t see Shizuka-shan’s face anymore.

A trembling voice reaches my ears. Even though she received a huge climax from letting out the hot water from inside of her, it appears her lurking desires have instead changed into a tormenting reason.

With all that considered, a large amount of liquid squirming meat pot, while her anus is also fluctuating as if it was begging.

Is the balance between her mind a body about to collapse? It’s good to induce her shame, but if she becomes depressed, it would be too much of a problem. I have to give her candy while maintaining a small balance.

“It’s your sister, but while seeing you like that, she was absorbed in her own masturbation. I understand that you want to think your little sister is still pure, but she’s also a human―”

“It’s different! It isn’t like that!”

Makoto suddenly burst out, causing me to instinctively become shaken.

“I, I…I was only thinking of myself when my head was filled with you, so I forgot about Shizuka. This is what I am. I am a terrible big sister.”

Makoto was sneering at herself while still in the same obscene position.

Tears were flowing straight from the edges of her eyes.

Forget about her sister? Ah, when she climaxed, it was like a completely different world for her. It would be impossible for her to consider her sister in that state.

Nevertheless, then she isn’t upset about that? No, she does mind being seen, but she cares more about forgetting her.

Makoto is really out of her mind. Well, that’s Makoto for you.

In other words, they both have a big sister complex.

In the rest of her life, there is almost that’ll come close to being more important than her younger sister.

The only possibility is her biological brother, Sasaki Tatsuya. However, he left. Makoto didn’t chase after him either.

She couldn’t go after him due to being locked up in her room, but that doesn’t matter.

Even if one’s body were tied, it’s still possible to chase after a person with their heart. In other words, they’ll continue to believe and wait.

However, Makoto gave up. She took her younger sister over him. Even while knowing that herself is broken, she chose to have her body and soul near her.

It could be said that Makoto’s feeling for her younger sister is that strong.

But even with being like that, she climaxed with her head full of me.

Although Makoto might be serious, but what is this feeling? It’s like I can’t help but feel restless or something, like no matter how I think about it’s like she’s messing with me. Is it because my mind’s distorted somehow?

Ah well, it’s not like she just started being so confusing. Makoto has to someday leave her younger sister. She has to give up her series.

I touch her anus with my middle and forefinger.


Her body leaped. Contrary to what she feels, she was slobbering as her begging anus quickly took in both my fingers.

“Naa, ahh―it’s going in”

My fingers, soaking wet with her intestinal fluids, clamped down and willfully took me in.

If I put it in, I’ll then take it out. This is just how things work.

Putting all my power in my arm, I forcibly removed my fingers from the intestinal wall.

“Naaaaaa, amazinnggggg, amazinggggggggggggg”

Even though I pulled it out in one go, I felt the twitching of her intestinal wall. Then a tide quickly came out. Only by pulling my fingers in and out once, she came.

She no longer has to worry about forgetting her little sister.

I increased from two to three, and the quickly pushed it in again.

“Hiaaaaa, shiveringggg, shiveringgggggg”

Holding onto her ankles tighter, she lifted her butt further, drooling by the edge of her mouth, and screams as her eyes swim around.

Her body was convulsing and gushing.

In her mind, she absolutely cannot forget about her sister. However, her strong emotions are disheveled in a different way.

As I continue playing with her anus, she continues to climax. However, she will worry again if it stops. It can’t be solved with just this.

“Naaaaaaaaa, moreee, moreeeeeeeeeee”

Alongside her sweet screams, I pull my three fingers out.

Usually this would hurt, but due to the slippery intestinal juices, the friction was decreased.

Even though she’s clamping down, the wiggling inside made it seems desperate to get the most pleasure possible.

As such, she appealedwith her agonizing eyes to have the ‘real thing’ quickly put inside

“Hiyuuuuuu―take it outttt, take it outtttttt”

Waving her head side to side in a loss, Makoto begged to have my fingers pulled out.

“I wweannttt itttt―Mawakk mew a mewss awnd fwort ewverythingggggggggg”

Once I pulled my fingers out, her anus looked exactly like a carp begging for food.

After I untied the towel around my waist, I kept my desires in check while holding onto my throbbing erection. Then I placed the tip right at it.

“Makoto, you’re my very own meat toilet. Don’t think about anything but pleasing me.”

Her eyes weren’t focused as I spoke.

“TWingy―I weant ywour twingy―mwy bwottom ish bwegging, bweigginggggg”

She might not have heard me. Then again, she has heard me several times when her reasoning has cramped. So no problem there.

Pushing my waist forward, my penis was sucked in.

“It’s innnnnn―anwnnn, swo sudeeennlyyyyyyy”
What remained of her noble, youthful face was wrapped in pleasure as she threw away her shame and pride by her spoken, obscene words.

Well, it’s fine. You’re earnest and clean for an obscene meat toilet, I should be delighted.

“Entrust me your younger sister. Even when she leaves the nest, I’ll use my life as a substitute to protect her. However, you cannot do the same. You’re forever my possession.”

To my words, Makoto’s eyes quickly opened wide.

“Awahhhhhh, go innnnnnnn”

Ecstatic from my thrust, drool was dripping from the edge of her pale pink lips as she lifts her bottom even more.

Once my penis was gulped in, I was drawn into the endless depth while being squeezed by her walls. Then before my very eye, I was brought into the base.

Her hot meat pot squeezed down onto me, causing my lower back to spasm in pleasure.

“Hiaaaaaaaa, you’ree tearinggggg, tearinggg my botttommmm”

Each time I forcibly pull my waist back from the gripping walls, the lubrication continues to be produced even more.

Her sweet moans were intermittent by gushing tides. Her breasts were also in a linked twitching.

With both my hands I grip down hard onto both her breasts, during which I savored the pleasant, elastic feel.

Then with using her breasts as a substitute for a handle, I mercilessly pushed in.

Making a lewd sound, my penis breaks through and quickly reaches the base.

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaa, awamzinggg―awamziznggggggggg:

Gripping at her ankles for dear life, her whole body stiffens with the vigorous tide.

Can she keep consciousness until I finish? No,it may already be too late. But even so, I’m going to fully enjoy her anus.

She’s really a hopeless but cute idiot.

Pumping my waist in ecstasy, I desperately held the desire of ejaculating as long as I could.

“Kuu, I’m coming.”

“Ahiyaaaaa, ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Clutching her breasts, I violently struck my waist even more.

I nearly ended up drooling from the pleasure running up my urethra.

My waist was trembling as I let my lust out in her intestines.


Makoto’s eyes were all white, but her anus didn’t stop squeezing onto my penis.

“Are you still not satisfied. It can’t be helped. Your reward I talked about is that I’ll use you till you’re satisfied.”

Drunk in pleasure, Makoto’s appearance was both slovenly and erotic, which cased my penis to become erect once again. Then taking my penis in, Makoto shook her bottom.

Her pathetic look made shivers run up my spine.

“I changed my mind. There is no reward.”


Makoto gave a cry to my smile.

“Severe punishment is necessary for such slutty bitch like you. I’ll violate you to the point where you beg.”


Makoto returned a smile.

She’s glad to be receiving a punishment. I can’t let this go. I have really had to make her cry.

Slouched over As soon as I finished changing mywith her breasts in my hands, I placed my lips onto her foolish face.

“Nuuuuu?! Nuuu, nuuu―nuuuuuu”

Our tongues entwined. I soon later began to move my waist, causing Makoto’s mumbled screams to echo within the room.


In the end, I ejaculated about three times and Makoto went completely unconscious. She is now a flesh doll that simply twitches every now and then.

But even so, she never forgot to tighten her anus. She really is just a meat toilet.

I wrapped Makoto in a blanket I actually feel like filling a bathtub, but that would be impossible right not.

Completely ignorant to what I’m feeling, Makoto’s eyes are closed in a foolish smile, but I’m not convinced that she either fainted or fell asleep.

As soon as I finished changing my clothes from Makoto’s side, I went back and sat down with my back to the wall.

“Hm? …When did she.”

I had just sat back down, but before I knew it Makoto’s head has gotten onto my thigh. Her peaceful sleeping face had a clear happy expression.

Is faking sleep her forte? Or did she unconsciously put her head on my thigh? Whatever the case is, it’s rude to use your master’s head as a pillow, but I’ll excuse it just this one time.

It’s only because she somewhat satisfied me.


Feeling like I was about to fall, I quickly opened my eyes and looked around.

My room. Aside from the dim, orange light in the room, nothing is different.

I looked down and saw the foolish smile on Makoto’s sleeping face.

My right hand is on it.

It appears I went to sleep sooner than I could think.

I went to check the time, but the wristwatch I always had on isn’t there. Now that I think of it, I took it off when taking a bath.

The light wasn’t that good to check the clock hung on the wall, either.

Turning my eyes onto the curtain, a little light was coming through.

I may not know the time, but it appears the sun hasn’t set.

‘I heard it.”


She was leaning against the wall real close to me.

“I definitely heard you say,’Entrust me your younger sister. Even when she leaves the nest, I’ll use my life as a substitute to protect her.”


Head on my shoulder, she looks up at my happily.

“I don’t really want to bother you two. I have to detach myself from my big sister.”

She gives an innocent, child-like laugh. Well, is she after all.

“But, I’m also at that age that I desire to be cared for, yeah? Even though you’re cold and scary when angry, an officious, busybody brother is my ideal type.”

“Is that so. Well then, keep on looking. You’re only helping me.?

“Now about that. I also want to sleep on big brother’s lap~!

‘Eh? O, Oi…tsk.”

Ogasawara Shizuka, who had a mischievous smile, threw herself right onto my thigh.

Who allowed her? I won’t have someone so selfish on my thighs. This god damn, cheeky little bitch.

“Hey, big brother. Shizuka wants to be stroked on the head like Makoto!”

I quickly take off my right hand from Makoto’s head and then lightly poked Ogasawara Shizuka’s.

She stuck out her tongue without being any timid.Placing her head under my hand, she had a smile.

“Hey, big brother…”


“Please, can I ask you of one thing?”

She did a one-eighty from her mischievous smile to a flushed face and wet eyes. It gave me a small headache.

What on earth does she intend to ask? If it’s something so bizarre, I’ll really drive her out.

“When I doing the bad thing, can you watch me….”

Giving a coaxing voice, she looks at me while giving a hot sigh.

Bad thing? Masturbating? And she wants me to watch?

I thought she would have certainly talked about taking a bath with her.

Does she think I will get excited if I watched? Hate to break it to you, but that’s pointless. Even if I got a bit excited, I would use Makoto.

She’s only using pleasure of masturbating in order to move away from her big sister devotion.

But in thast case, her wishes are mine as well.



Appearing to be happy towards my reply, she restlessly moves her right hand inside her skirt and the left into her uniform jacket. Her movements are somewhat awkward.

Although she has a smile, her composure is just an outward appearance.

A small twitch followed the sound of liquid.

This continued until her body twitched up.

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